Thank you Sitri, a master trickster who delivers for sure

This is a long pending public praise for Sitri. I am creating a new post as there are lesser detailed stories on the forum.

I used the petition ritual (first one) from DoM book by Gallery of Magick. Back then when I did this ritual, I was rather new to evocations and was testing the waters. Later, it proved to be a bumpy road with lots of lows.

My Petition: “I have lustful aura around me which attracts beautiful, unmarried girls” or something of such sorts.

Don’t ask me how logicality of the petition. But somehow it worked. I forgot about this petition after few days and then it started, I used to feel that I was getting more attention than usual and one of my colleagues at office became closer to me and started hanging out more. But she has a boyfriend.

There was lot of tension between us like we both know that we like each other kind of vibes. Looking back I am sure that this was Sitri’s magick. One day, I asked her come to my place. she agreed reluctantly and came next day. We spent the night chatting about different things and slept off. Later in the night, I woke up on top of her :sweat_smile: . I seriously didn’t know what happened or how. I am pretty sure it was Sitri’s doing. She woke up and pushed me off. I was terrified of what’s gonna happen next. She just said she has a boyfriend and can’t do this. I apologized and then just just laid down for the night. Next morning I told her that I dunno what happened.

She came to my for 2 times after that. The third time was very intense. She told me that she will break-up with her boyfriend and we had sex. I actually thought of entering into a relationship with her. The next day we got separated because of Covid. We kept in touch but she eventually married her bf in Covid and the chapter got over.

Sitri is the guy if you want to get laid. He literally has to babysit me three nights to get in bed with this girl (even though my petition doesn’t state anything about sex). He is a very patient entity and will not leave until he delivers. His magick is very intense as it affects both you and the other person. There was a lot of emotional turmoil during this phase. Looking back, I can see days when he made me feel low so that the girl can reach out to me and feel empathy and other emotions with me. Also, he is not your guy for long-term relationship, no matter how much you want it.

I think this is my first success story with this goetic entity and it was very satisfying experience.

Hail Sitri…


Well done :wink: Unfortunate how it ended though.


“We spent the night chatting about different things and slept off. Later in the night, I woke up on top of her :sweat_smile: . I seriously didn’t know what happened or how. I am pretty sure it was Sitri’s doing.” OP

Um hold on. You “woke up on top of her”. Im not exactly comfortable with that language but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt given how the story continues.

Anyway yes it looks like Sitri was busy.


Seems like you learned something about yourself. I won’t moralize.
Honestly though, if somebody is reluctant you should respect that. I can’t tell you that you have to, but you should. Respecting boundries takes genuine confidence.
I get best results when I frame sex as a fun adventure, instead of tricking people into sex.


I agree with you completely. I didn’t expect things to pan out that way. I didn’t even mention any specific target in my petition and I feel like this girl might have feelings for me long before. Even after that night, she did not ghost me or anything. we continued to talk normally. Even now she wants to hang out with me and I am just avoiding going out with her.

But that’s exactly what happened. Lack of better vocabulary, I had to put it like that.


And this lustfull aura also worked on dating apps? Is it permanent?

I work with Sitri in this capacity. Dating apps have a bunch of harmful psychological stuff under the hood. I’ll put it this way, if you’re tough enough to work with demons, you are tough enough to go meet people IRL.

To me, it’s a thing you recast every so often. When you do, it improves the duration and efficacy of it.


no love stuff is permanent