Thank you Lord Lucifer

Hey everyone

I just wanted to thank Lord Lucifer publicly, really quick, (this isn’t a spell success if you’re wondering)

I’m just having a really bad day today, & this week hasn’t been to kind either. I found myself at the park with a beautiful pond in the middle of it not too far away from where my mom lives, & I invoked him near said pond, (as water is my natural magickal booster I used it to help me even further with my connection to Lord Lucifer) & I just talked to him about what has been going on this week as a whole.

He stood in front of me before the pond, & listened to me vent, then proceeded to help me realize how things are really going. He even told me what has been going wrong with my heart, & is telling me where to go, & how to get it working properly again. He provided me with comfort, & reassurance on some things I didn’t realize I needed but, deep down kind of wanted.

It really did help me with how angry I am. He calmed me down some. Lord Lucifer is amazing in many ways. He’s a wonderful listener, & continues to prove that HE is the one who cares about humanity. Lord Lucifer cares about us, & loves us. He has shown me his caring loving side here today, & I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much again Lord Lucifer

Praise Lucifer!!


Thanx for giving dad the public thank you I enjoyed reading it and I’m sure he enjoys the fact you took the time to thank him Ina way others can see and learn about how he interacts.


The time I invoked him worked with him talked with someone about him he seems weak
I’m sure he’s not weak but man I’m telling you his presence is not a powerful presence
Lilith has a strong presence but Lucifer was a weak presence and Lilith is a female And her presence was powerful
Lucifer reminds me of a kid grows up and just becomes an adult but Is still soft

Thank you for reading!!

I’m glad I could help others learn as well!!

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I always had very strong energies when interacting with Lucifer, even without my natural magickal boost

I’ve always seen him with his angel wings, & his long black hair, his eyes are very shallow though, not as in there’s something wrong with his eyes but, depth wise, they’re shallow does that make sense??

I haven’t worked with Lady Lilith yet I really feel that she’s been calling for me here lately in the past few months or so

Yeah I’ve seen shallow

I suppose afterall everyone has different experiences. :slight_smile:

You can never force a connection if you want it to be meaningful that is.

Peace. :v:t2:

Thanks for sharing!