Thank you Leraje!

Thank you Leraje for coming through for me and showing me powerful results on a very important love matter. I asked Leraje to permanently destroy and annihilate any romantic and sexual relationships the target has with any women other than me, and have already seen great results. I have worked with Leraje multiple times and have always had a great experience. I highly recommend working with this powerful spirit. Makes sure you are educated on how to correctly work with the Goetia spirits first. I used the methods outlined in the Gallery of Magick’s book called Demon’s of Magick. Thank you again Leraje!


That’s awesome, how long did it take for you too see your results manifest?

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I got a call from the target a few hours after completing the ritual, and the results have gotten very big the last few days.


That’s fkn awesome

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@Love8888 would love to hear more about the steps you took to come about these fantastic results! I’m in urgent need of counseling from someone with experiences, specifically in contacting Leraje. I’m in the exact same position, I wish to do as you have and “permanently destroy and annihilate any romantic and sexual relationships my target has with any women”. Specifically his girlfriend. Please, I beseech you. I would love your help, Love8888.