Thank you EA Thread

Just a thread to share your best experiences with @E.A’s material. A big thank you thread to EA for your experiences with his works. Hope he sees this one day.


I can’t say enough honestly. EA’s work is what opened my eyes to the world around me. I wouldn’t be the man I am today, or especially the magician I am today without him. My best experience with his work was using his method to contact Legba in the desert. Since that day, I’ve been accepted by the Lwa and they are like family to me now. Thank you EA. You changed my life.


I don’t know where to begin. If it wasn’t for EA’s evoking eternity I would still be stuck, both in a stagnate state of spirit ascent and in quite a few pit falls in life I was able to call forces to assist in. From there his works and the other authors here have really broadened my personal work (especially that of Asenath and the draconian path.) That and a big thanks for providing a forum where I can actually talk to other people about these concepts and ideas openly, which I really don’t get to in person. Honestly there isn’t enough thanks I can give. :slight_smile:


I purchase Necromantic Soccery : The forbidden Rites of Death Magic, The Magic Circle and Dragons Blood. I use Dragon Blood and Thunder Storm water to Consecrated and Charge the Magic Circle. I created a crystal grid with the Magic Circle which charge and protect me and my home.

Thank you, E.A., for sticking with it and making BALG possible. I really can’t begin to express how much your work has meant to both me, and ultimately, my family. After dealing with numerous occult attacks by local groups, it seemed like a stalemate and possibly a downward spiral for myself. Then I decided to give BALG a second look. My enemies were hexing me and using magic to send messages at me. The irony? I would watch a video of yours on youtube and I will be God Fucking Damned…there you were, taking the messages that they were sending me, and spinning it in a positive way to push me forward. I swear, it was like you were spying on me, but of course, we know that’s not true…“fate” intervened.

Now here I am, having bought your work on Evocation, and I can honestly say that it has paid for itself, both literally and figuratively. Keep pressing forward! No retreat, no surrender!