Thank you, E.A

I just wanted to shout a big Thank you to E.A Koetting.

The course are great,complete, plus you can really see that the man loves what he does. As far as I’m concerned, I learned a lot of vital things thanks to him. And I really dig his style, kind of akin to Chaos Magick : I don’t care where it comes from, if it works, it works.

Love him.

Hello Takeshiro,
Not trying to hijack your post, just wanted to say that I second the thank you to Eric and since you already posted this, I did not want to start a duplicate topic.

So I too, would like to thank Eric and all others involved in the BALG programs (S. Ben, Timothy, Nate). It is obvious that Eric is deeply involved with his work and he genuinely loves teaching his methods to others. I can say, I have been an ecclectic magician for years and never had any satisfying results, only half hearted results on occasion but this program? There is definitely something to this. Already getting results with this system, and I am only getting started.