Thank You Duke Dantalion!

This is a post to thank Duke Dantalion because he helped me very much. So, since i never posted what happened after i made contact with him i want to start from the beginning. He was the first Demon i started working with and had no idea what i was doing. I wanted to say how much he changed my life, i will lie if i say i say good to him at the beginning, i made some serious mistakes and me and him didn’t get along very well. I asked for something big, in love matters, months later i thought it was over, nothing was happening… when the time came though it was so much better than i thought, and it took me a while to figure out he was actually still helping me! No matter that i was bad towards him and that i thought our contract was pretty much over.

So let me tell you my expirience, he IS forgiving. He isn’t half as bad and scary as i thought he is at the beginning. That doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want and be mean to him, he makes it so you will understand something is wrong. If things get worse in your life or the thing you want is not happening you should apologise and try to figure out what you did wrong and try to work it out with him. As long as you are just nice and open to him things will go well.

Seriously he is a sweetheart, i read he helps with depression, bad emotions and thoughts at the beginning before i started working with him. In a few months time it’s started getting better, my emotional state was REALLY bad, like really…but a year later i’m far from where i was at the beginning, in both mentality and closer to my goal than ever before. I think he helped me think more clearly and be more positive, i started to have a stonger character because of him, i also read whatever happens he likes it when you don’t give up on your goal and keep fighting. That’s also very true.

He works fast too! I can’t believe he works that fast! For one day,at the beginning what seemed like an impossible good turn out, became actually an amazing experience. If you give him enough time in advance (depends on what you want) he will deliver. The only regret i have is not asking him earlier for something i wanted, there was like something like a deadline of two hours, i asked and two hours later i almost got what i wanted, i’m sure i would have gotten it if i just asked that same day in the morning. What i’m saying is, he tries, even if it doesn’t work out fully you can see clearly when he tried and that’s something in my eyes.

From “i don’t believe it but i’m desparate so i’m going to try” it came to “if i try hard enough it’s possible, i KNOW it’s possible” after i started working with him. I recommend working with Duke Dantalion. He is very sweet, it’s amazing knowing he has your back, it feels like anything is possible.

Thank you so so very much Duke Dantalion! He changed my life for the better, he made the impossible possible, i was noticed and remembered by someone that it’s hard to get that person’s attention. I had just the cutest encounters with that person though! It’s all thanks to Duke Dantalion! I can’t express how grateful i am to him!

Hail Duke Dantalion!


What method did you use ? Sigil and enn?


Both, and i wrote what i wanted and what i could give in return


Awesome ! I usually do the same and burn the petition but that’s just me. Glad it worked !


Thank you!


Dantalion is my favorite Deamon for a reason :slight_smile:


What is the enn of Duke Dantalion? Could you please write down here for me? I’ve searched in the forum but bad luck! Maybe the keywords didn’t match.

Avage ayer Dantalion on ca

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@Mazikeen thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have heard that Dantalion does whats best for Us
even if its not what we asked for
i want his help, but i am afraid … what if Dantalion does opposite of what i asked him
Soo right now i am trying to connect to Sitri and Pomba Gira
Any advice on Dantalion would be appreciated !
should i try to connect to Dantalion ?

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Hail Dantalion for providing communication and being great!