Thank you Duke Dantalion

I’m here to publicly thank Duke Dantalion his help and recommend him to you if you need spiritual help.
I had many things to deal with and whenever I looked for people who could listen to me, I didn’t find understanding ears. I found Dantalion who responded to me quickly. (I mostly meditated to his enn)
According to my experiences, Dantalion is patient, loyal, very intelligent, and he can be so kind. He can help you mentally, improve your relationships, teach you science, psychology, or art, and give you what you’re looking for.
You don’t have to offer big things. The most important thing is it has to come from your heart. (Personally, I gave him roses) He is very smart, so he knows everything well, including your thoughts, so honesty is appreciated by him. He might not let you know at first that your words reached him, but don’t let that stop you. Just talk to him honestly, tell him what you need help with, and think about what you could give in return. You might find yourself being attached to this spirit but I can’t blame you. Working with Dantalion was one of the best decisions in my life, and I definitely want to continue.
Thank you, Dantalion!
Good luck for everyone who decides to work with him.


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