Thank you Dan Brown


Wow, that’s amazing!! :thumbsup:

Thanks mate! :smiley:

It’s a sign… :sunglasses:

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That’s great! Thanks for posting that. I was going to go to that library seven months ago while I was in Amsterdam but they were closed because they were either moving or renovating.

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My bibliophile boner is at full mast. This. Is. Awesome.

You beat me to it I was just about to post this

Great for “Rosicrucians”, Qabalists, Gnostics, Christian esotericists and Hermeticists of all stripes. A real boon for the right hand path.

But quite useless for the left hand path. Still…the left hand path was never much interested in history or scholarship. Not surprising really…it was never a “thing” until comparatively recently.