Thank You Azazel

This is a public thank you to Azazel.

In my time alone, when reaching out to others, I had heard Azazel and felt a pull towards him. The past few days I have been channeling Azazel by sitting comfortably and having 2 candles in front of me. 1 white… 1 black. I would focus on them and chant until my focus became so strong that the candles began to merge into one. As we conversed, the flames grew in number. 1 candle mixed perfectly of black and white, now showing 4… then 5… then 6 flames.

As I would ask questions and wait patiently, Azazel spoke to me and showed me things about myself I just couldn’t see… things I have not wanted to admit to myself… and things that have given me great hope for the future. Accepting the darker parts of myself is truly beginning to make me whole. Make me stronger.

Thank you to the great Azazel! I look forward to our next meeting.