Thank you Agares!

Iasked agares to retrieve my ex and she came back today. Literally just got off a 3 hour phone call.

She asked me if I did magic on her I said no. I said why, she said she had a dream about me and unlike her past ex’s she’s finding it really difficult forgetting me :joy:

He worked fast! Less than a week.

If anyone wants contact from someone I’d suggest working with him!


Interesting that she would ask you this. Does she know you practice magick?

Btw…to the folks that are buying into this recent trend on here in believing that love magick doesn’t work…ahem? Lookie here. This result by Jnomadik is very typical. Its the norm. And as you can see, it worked out just fine.



Congrats on retrieving your ex @Jnomadik.

@verdo,is there a angel equivalent of agares?
Also,what system of magick do you use?

Want to give this love thing a shot. But unlike this case,i want to find someone new

Most of the time, when im not experimenting with something, I use EA’s system of evocation and sigil magick which he talks about in his evocation/black magick course. But if you are looking for an angel to bring you someone…you could try Saspu or Lotir. These are angels from EA’s Kingdom of Flames book. If you do a search on the forum, you can find out more about them. When working with angels though (and this is true for Saspu and Lotir), there is a tendency to not want to manipulating people who are not interested in you to like you. So they aren’t best used on specific targets. If your intention however is to pull a random partner from the ether who fits your specifications, then that will work out better.


She does hence why she asked. It’s not only that but for some reason I haven’t learnt to master the ability of cloaking my magic :joy: it comes if wayyy to strong so my targets always pick up on it. But any who.

Oh trust me it does!

The key is letting go and assuming the feeling of the desire fulfilled. Believe it as such and you will quantum leap to that reality.

I typically work with the goetic spirits primarily Dantalion, Amon, and more recently agares.

I combine them with hoodoo type spells so jars, dolls, petition papers so on…

Always find what works for you tho THATS KEY.

It has to FEEL right.

If rubbing a candle doesn’t evoke deep intent inside you then don’t.

If a petition paper rubbed with coffee and liquorice evokes strong feelings and keeps it simple for you then do that.

The point of magic is to TRUST it and let go.

Do the work, and then quantum shift ur entire being in to the reality where you already have what you want. Feel it and KNOW it’s done.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Hey!!! :sweat:

Good for you, OP!

Don’t take offence :slightly_smiling_face: My main goal here is really to encourage ya’ll to not doubt this stuff…because the results one can get from love magick is imo the sweetest, most intense results you’ll ever get in magick period.

Btw, you’re familiar with the BALG Repository correct?


Yes! Your post of success stories!

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Good good. I ask because typically when I’m hitting a dry spell of my own where success seems to be escaping me, the repository is the fuel that picks me back up off my feet. I expect to add a success story from you in there some day :wink:


Does EAs work consist of using circles and th other trappings of Ceremonial Magick, or is it just working with sigils and your mind? TY

The circle yes, but that’s about it. He kind of encourages folks to drop the things about ceremonial magick that aren’t necessary. Even the circle isn’t required for evocation.

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Can you tell me what books you used and links? I don’t have success on Love/lust magic

I never use books.

You can.

But magic should be personalised for best results.

All you need to know is how to write a petition and what herbs do what. Once you know that you can get creative!

there’s no right or wrong in magick. Do the spell YOUR way and follow your gut feeling. Don’t measure nothing use your intuition and just go through the motion.

This way you pour your energy in to the spell with no resistance and channel your intent easily.

Once that’s complete and the spell is done you have no further duty other than to forget.

Any time a doubt pops up replace it with a good feeling or scene of your ideal outcome and thank the spirit or universe and keep it moving.

You’ve channeled energy now forget about it so it can mold your reality.

There’s spells I’ve followed to the T done everything required and not had a single result because I didn’t feel connected.

But then there’s simple petitions rubbed in coffee that got me contact from people in less than a day all because I connected with the spell and felt like it was right.

Hope this helps!