Thank Azazel, King Paimon, and Duke Sallos

Ive been working with these particular entities as my first time doing sigil work, i had a crazy experience. While meditating in the woods the other day i could see both the sun and moon in the sky, meditating on my sigils. And putting my intention into my ex to feel regret for lying, cheating, and leaving me. I get into a deep trance with my eyes closed i saw a powerful orange glowing string of light across my vision, apon focusing deeper on this my focus was broken as a loud scream and laughter i heard booming from right above me. Scared the shit out of me i actually screamed. Ex calls me today, wants help going thru shit in the garage. I mentioned to her that ive been meditating, her response was had been doing the same. Told her the story that happened to me (left out the part about me putting my intention into her) and she told me she was on the phone with her new little fuckbitch she left me for. Told me static got her phone completely cut out from her conversation and a demonic voice on the other end said “Fuck you, your soul belongs to him bitch, your going to hell”. They spoke to her! This is a first for me so im pretty excited, i feel so powerful. Full moon is almost here. Im holding these rituals until then when i will burn the sigils. Keep yall updated. Praise Azazel, King Paimon, and Duke Sallos. Very much appreciated.


I’m glad everything goes well! :slight_smile:

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