There is only the briefest mention in the forum’s past as far as the Search function goes, so I’m asking any of you on here currently:

Can anyone fill me in with knowledge (but preferably personal experience) of the Aztec entity known as Tezcatlipoca?

I have reason to believe he has contacted me in dream, connected to some dreaming “vampiric were-jaguar current” or so it seems. But it’s not so easy to explain why I think that; this spirit is so extremely mysterious. The Aztecs even used the name “Lord of the Smoking Mirror”.

I have pulled up associations with night, black magic, divination, warfare, storms, deception. A certain very vivid figure appeared to my vision regarding me at one point in the “Introduction to the Darkness” meditations from Works of Darkness, that a fairly knowledgeable person ventured as Tezcatlipoca, as someone closely associated with that darkness.

If so, things seem to have moved to their next stage, without my necessarily being any more clearly certain when it comes to such an enigmatic entity.

Don’t worry, I will absolutely perform my own divinations on this, find out for details, what I should be doing, etc.

But what I would like to ask you of the forum, is, - what more might you know about this entity that it would be good for me to know? A long shot, perhaps, but has anyone else here worked with or received any kind of contact from this ancient Mesoamerican god? I certainly am not aware of consciously seeking him out.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might have some nice, shiny information!

I have done some work with him and he has taken me to a very interesting path of shapeshifting-based witchcraft. I cannot say much in the moment but he is an energy which has gotten stronger lately, from what I got of some conversations he wants to re-emerge in his people’s consciousness which have abandoned the faith of the Aztecs for that of Christians.

This is an interesting observation. Have you gotten any sense of whom he considers “his people” to be? Genetic ancestors of the Mexica? Residents of the land they inhabited? Both, neither?

This is an interesting observation. Have you gotten any sense of whom he considers “his people” to be? Genetic ancestors of the Mexica? Residents of the land they inhabited? Both, neither?[/quote]

I am inclined to believe that he is actually referring to the mexica descendants, even if that contradicts my beliefs that magic has no race as I have seen people working and being chosen by gods and spirits of all kinds of unrelated backgrounds.

Well, no Mexica heritage for me I’m afraid. Although I was born and raised in the northeastern forests of Tejas. And, to be fair, I have yet to unwind from work yet and do a proper divination to ensure it actually -is- Tezcatlipoca. But after the jaguar shapeshifting themes, I woke up thinking “Tezcatlipoca” as if it were the most logical conclusion in the world.

Either way, I’d be very interested to hear anything about working with him you’d be willing to share here. In the meantime, here’s a quote of a brief description of the face that appeared, from a pm of mine here:

One other thing has cropped up. Now I've started seeing an actual face to represent it - with strong, rudely primitive (Amerindian resemblance as far as I can tell) features, covered mostly in a face paint that is deeply, wholly black, with small straight lines of contrasting white sloping diagonally down towards the centerline of the face. The eyes had whites, but there was no real iris so much as very large black pupils, and very coarse black hair.

“He” didn’t say anything or change expression, just stared right back at me inscrutably, but I knew I was just perceiving the darkness in a different way. This still doesn’t convince me it has an ‘individuality’ or ‘personality’ per se, it just seems far to vast for that, at least the way we understand those things. But, I guess, this vastness is not “above” taking on a face.

That above is something that appeared about midway through the repeated nightly “darkness meditations” in the early exercises of Works of Darkness.

Food for thought, right?

EDIT - And on the theme of hereditary descent v. current dwelling-place, I have been doing some investigation on land-spirits, specifically importation from the Old World to the new with immigrants, to inform future plans for a ‘temple-dwelling’ I hope to construct, and determine my “neighbourly relations” with indigenous land-spirits v. the “importation” of Old World spirits connected to my particular genetic (compared to territorial) heritage. So maybe that recent investigation has catalysed Tezcatlipoca’s apparent reaching-out, in view of your assertion of his efforts at re-emergence? Guess I’d better divine on that, too. More to consider!

One other thing has cropped up. Now I've started seeing an actual face to represent it - with strong, rudely primitive (Amerindian resemblance as far as I can tell) features, covered mostly in a face paint that is deeply, wholly black, with small straight lines of contrasting white sloping diagonally down towards the centerline of the face. The eyes had whites, but there was no real iris so much as very large black pupils, and very coarse black hair.

“He” didn’t say anything or change expression, just stared right back at me inscrutably, but I knew I was just perceiving the darkness in a different way. This still doesn’t convince me it has an ‘individuality’ or ‘personality’ per se, it just seems far to vast for that, at least the way we understand those things. But, I guess, this vastness is not “above” taking on a face.

You are talking about interesting stuff here. Tezcatlipoca did not have a specific representation, the Aztecs (and this is a fact) did not have pictures of him in their temples as they thought of him as something beyond all form.

Another interesting thing is that you saw him painted in black. One of his four aspects was attributed to that color, but he was not actually painted in black, his priests were. So maybe, and just maybe, you had contact with a nahual who took the form of a jaguar (shapeshifting was what the nahualli used to do). This nahual could have been associated with him, as being a devotee or a priest, as he actually teaches this kind of magic. And remember that not only spirits appear to people but also masters of other times teaching to students through the astral.

So I stopped guessing all over the place and laid out some cards a little while ago. This may well contrast with your experience of actually working with Tezcatlipoca, so just keep in mind that this is my divination in direct application to my life and works, and I focussed more on the very practical questions of how this could affect myself and what I could expect from different approaches.

My dream did have a solid connexion to the spiritual “current” of Tezcatlipoca’s energy. This spiritual force is really, incredibly vast - and has been “sleeping” (not the right word exactly, but our modern language doesn’t reflect what I’m trying to get across - if the consciousness of peoples is viewed in terms of a ‘sea’, the god has been mostly ‘submerged’ - very Lovecraft, right?). The figure I witnessed was a formerly incarnate human associated with his rites just as you guessed, but he was very much “filled” with a tiny bit of Tezcatlipoca’s “essence”.

The reading indicated that pursuing these questions will be very beneficial in developing my power as a magician, and I could gain a lot by undertaking this. I may hold off for now in working with the god himself, and work on building a rapport with this “priest” figure.

Thanks so much for the great info so far, and I’d love to know what you think about how the divination played out for my questions, even if it’s to say ‘surely you are mistaken because I’ve experienced that ___’.

I think I’m going to try and make contact again tonight the same way as the shapeshifting ‘lesson’ came spontaneously, in dream. Then maybe I should go another route soon. I was actually getting ready to start practice at black mirror scrying this weekend. Wonder if I’m going to stumble onto any suitable obsidian by co-incidence?

Got further contact, my actual dream last night was a very stark warning not to venture into this current without the intent to see it through, and that was it.

So during my allotted lunch break at work, I set my alarm to wake me when I needed to be back and then tranced deep into a lucid dream state. The “priest” presence was there, but my questions were rebuffed and I was presented, first, with a series of obstacles that turned into lessons, all in shapeshifting but with a very definite “hunting” vibe.

I was told that the jaguar form is actually supposed to be more advanced in some way - assuming it in the first dream was more of a happy accident and show of potential, but there were things important for me to learn first if I were to actually gain anything from this path.

Before any dramatic transformation of form, the lessons consisted of altering my human body and performance. Then, as those faculties were pushed to their limits, I was guided through shapeshifting into a huge eagle. Flight, the feeling of having and using wings, feathers and all, is amazing!

Well, soon it’ll be time to try those techniques on honing the human body in the waking state, and I’ll be sure to pass on anything I can.

This sounds awesome! I hope you’ll keep us posted.

Same here mate! Tez appeared, had an “well GET ON WITH IT” attitude, then disappeared telling me something as me not being ready and to be serious next time. So you’re on the right path, he’s baiting you into going head on.

I can say already that this is very demanding in energy; it’s just more incentive to step up the absolute basics and make sure I’m plenty “juiced” to do this kind of thing. But it makes sense - change on the energetic level to affect the physical level.

Can’t wait to incorporate this into martial arts!

And DK, I certainly will share everything I’m -able- to. A lot of this seems like it is inevitably going to start rapidly circling the spiritual whirlpool of ‘reality alteration’ themes that are popping up more an more in my practice. Everything looks like it’s going to tie together ridiculously well, and if I can get it right this time it will really be a game-changer for me. So, I will do my best!

Just a quick update. Because of how “energetically demanding” my jaunts to wherever-the-fuck for training have been, while I step up my energy work to have more energy to work with I’ve been attempting to gain proficiency in scrying, using a black mirror instead of the traditional Aztec obsidian. I’ve seen and heard spiritual things in snippets here and there, but never “willed” so much as “incidentally” in exposure to to certain spirits, areas, substances/music, etc. But now I’m working at making it conscious/intentional, to “dial in” to a certain spirit/frequency at Will, when -I- want to.

This has been day two of employing Sastan’s help for this endeavour, and I still have work to do. While it’s tempting to to be impatient at frustrated that I haven’t received instant gratification, to be honest I can see how Sastan has been hard at work ‘shifting’ processes of mine, prompting me subliminally at first and now more noticeably, and generally kicking ass to help me get where I need to be. I’m confident that I’ll have the kind of success I’m looking for soon; this isn’t anything I haven’t done before, but after this work I’ll be doing it on purpose, and that’s quite a step forward!

As a side note, Works of Darkness has an exercise for working with Sastan for just such a result, involving the scrying of a kind of giant “python” creature in the mirror. My few snatches of mini-successes in the last two days (which are not only visual!) have portrayed an incredible serpentlike being with multi-hued feathers, as some kind of Mesoamerican-themed “Vision Serpent” if that archetype rings a bell - I guess the connexion pretty much made itself!

Tempting, of course, to put it down to my own projections due to over-education, but take my word for it - these are the kinds of manifestations that even my sceptical mind cannot deny smack of a different quality of reality altogether! Shit is real, people - it’s just a matter of tuning in to the proper “frequency”.

Finally had a breakthrough last night, of course now I wonder how much that had to do with the Jupiter and Venus’ activity. Venus was very important to the Mesoamericans, I seem to recall hearing at some point.

Anyway, it’ll be a little while before I have the time to elaborate, but I’m posting this now so I can remember to edit it later and share the latest development.


The first two days especially of working with Sastan on scrying for the prime purpose of reliable communication for following up the contact with this “current”, if you will, had some dramatic instances. There was plenty of candle-flame and shadow manipulation, the feeling of Sastan’s presence, and the absolute Knowledge that what I sought lay in the mirror, whether I was sensitive to it or not. I combined my efforts at meeting Tezcatlipoca’s mysterious priest through the mirror with the scrying exercise from Works of Darkness, eliciting Sastan’s help to hone my spiritual senses and be able to reliably see, dammit!

Anyway, this exercise involves training to see Sastan in the mirror as a monstrous python, and on the first day I experienced little more than the candles’ antics, strange movement of shadows that may or may not have been -actually- there to anyone’s normal sight, intense feeling of presence, and the very vague intimation of a serpentine ‘squirming’ pattern across the surface of the mirror. Not the kind of hi-def quality I was hoping for, but then, it was only day one.

The next day, however, this vaguely outlined serpent in the mirror presented itself as made of this multi-coloured, feathered rainbow serpent made purely of glowing light. I understand that the rainbow serpent is associated with Quetzalcoatl, who is supposed to be Tezcatlipoca’s enemy - I felt this serpent to be Sastan and -not- Quetzalcoatl, but maybe this imagery was presented to me because on one level I had this expectation related to the Mesoamerican origin of the deity I was planning to have better conversation with.

In the days after this dramatic display, however, I did not see anything as vivid or blatant. Looking back, I think different levels of varying subtlety were being ‘targetted’ at different times by Sastan, almost different “layers” or maybe “filters” for spiritual sight. I don’t know, I’m just this guy doing the rituals to see what happens. I did notice, though, that these senses did not entirely go away after my nightly practice. This would be most marked when I left my temple and prepared for bed in my room (also totally dark), but I would ‘pick up on’ things throughout the days, too. But nothing dramatic.

Then a couple of nights ago, something dramatic did happen. The most important difference, I think, is that I wasn’t viewing that night as “training” or “trying”. I just went to my temenos, dropped into trance, and went through it without -thinking- about it. Now, firstly, it still wasn’t the “high definition, crystal clear” literal on-the-surface-of-the-mirror picture I was hoping for. Maybe that comes later with practice, or maybe that expectation was unrealistic of scrying, hopefully some of you more experienced people on the forum can tell me. Secondly, though, there was no doubt that rather than merely seeing images I was in direct -contact- with what I was seeking, this snake form of Sastan. It’ll be hard to describe here, but I was say that instead of imagistic, it was experiential. It was less of looking at a surface displaying images than it was as if my awareness were somewhere far inside the blackness of the mirror itself, which darkness now surrounded my awareness, a fluid and sculptable matrix of possibility in which my goal could be brought to view.

It was more visceral and impressionistic than -strictly- visual, but the few things I feel capable of describing are as follows. In front of me a part of the darkness opened. It was a huge, serpentine eye. Now I had -thought- I was beginning to see an eye looking back at me several times in the nights prior, but it just had never come to me fully the way it did in this instance. The different golden, striated whorls had a nebulous, cloudy texture to them, and through the middle lay the onyx, vertical pupil of the serpent looking back at me through eternity. The rest seemed to happen very fast, and I can describe the images associated with it, but again I stress that the most of it was really in terms of -feeling- and not easily described at all. It was less a vision - more of an experience.

The eye rushed past to my left, and in the speedy motion I was able to make out the shape of the serpent’s head, and the overlapping armoured scales, row on row on row, greenish, greyish, yellowish. The serpent soared through the space around me and circled back, looping coil after coil as it began to encircle me. It was not actually -touching- me (or my awareness) at this point, and I did not feel ‘constricted’ at all - but movement or even speech was quite impossible at that time. I just did not have the presence of mind, and it all seemed to happen very fast - better luck next time.

When I could no longer see over the towering coils of the serpent, its head came back to the centre of my vision, regarding me cooly and with -great- intelligence. I met its golden stare, and then suddenly its head was in front of my face - it opened wide its mouth, I saw the immense fangs and the white of its interior, and then the serpent swallowed me.

Mere moments after this, I came very calmly to my senses in my temple and knew that the night’s work with Sastan was concluded. Now this may not seem immediately relevant to the work with Tezcatlipoca, but earlier when I has first seen the multicoloured “rainbow serpent” I had poked around in some of the relevant mythology and refreshed my acquaintance with the Mesoamerican concept of the “Vision Serpent”. Of course, as far as could be told from what’s left of the sources, the Vision Serpent seemed to serve mainly for the purposes of summoning: that is, the Vision Serpent would be conjured up by the priest, it would open its mouth, and thence would emerge the spirit being summoned.

Going to bed that night, though, I had the queerest fancy that the meaning of the vision with Sastan as serpent in this work was that I should consider myself as being summoned, to something.

Sure enough, as I closed my very eyes to go to sleep shortly thereafter, my inner vision was awash with the impression of the bright spots of the jaguar, filling my sight. No actual animal, just the pattern of its coat, and it was -moving- in a way suggestive of the hunt. I slipped into dream knowing that I would meet the priest there, and this suspicion was not disappointed.

What I learned in that dream I was told not to reveal -quite- yet (hey! that leaves some hope), but I will say that this time he had a staff, and was dressed in the pelt of a jaguar, complete with the hollowed out head as hood.

Hoping to still share what I can!

As always, questions and comments welcome.

[quote=“Claidheam, post:13, topic:5410”]Finally had a breakthrough last night, of course now I wonder how much that had to do with the Jupiter and Venus’ activity. Venus was very important to the Mesoamericans, I seem to recall hearing at some point.

  • SNIP lots of awesomeness -[/quote]
    Very cool! Suddenly, though, I feel that my progress as a sorcerer will not be complete until I’ve been swallowed whole by a giant spirit serpent.

Seriously, very interesting stuff. I do wonder, though, if you might have abandoned scrying for a bit of spontaneous soul travel? The change in awareness and sensation of movement around you both make me suspicious on that point. Also, have you continued work with the scrying exercise since this experience, and if so, have you found stronger successes?

Thanks for sharing what you could!

I haven’t been back in my dedicated temple to scry into my mirror - but at many points, wherever I happen to be, I have been able to “flip the switch” and become more aware to strange phenomena around me, seeing things in my surroundings that others don’t. The ‘quality’ of seeing that I’d normally experience in what I’d call a vision, but at will!

It’s been a lengthy process: I neglected to mention it in the last post, but I realized during the “unremarkable” middle span of practice before seeing the giant serpent that my most lackluster periods almost always seemed to immediately follow my most dramatic successes!

It was a lot like an involuntary ‘recoil’ of my mundane mind from the rapid destruction of its prior, ‘stable, safe, and sane’ conception of the universe around it! So a lot of the build-up work to that last session revolved around conditioning myself to that demolition of, well, the cosmos around me as I had theretofore experienced it.

It’s a work in progress haha.

So a few snippets more of information that might be useful. This path is actually very physical - and when I say this, I mean it in the sense of actual balance between the physical and the spiritual, like different shades of the same spectrum - as opposed to many forms of spiritual thought we’re exposed to that pretty much leave the physical world at the door and deal almost entirely with the mind.

Is one approach better than the other? The hell if I know. This path though under Tezcatlipoca’s aegis really emphasizes the union of and interplay between the spiritual and physical (and I would be tempted to place the mental as a mediator between the two but I’m hardly a metaphysicist) to make you more inherently magickal, in the flesh.

I’m not saying that I’m learning to physically shapeshift into a were-jaguar (although a part of me will never give up on that hope! really, how awesome would that be?). What I mean is that, in order to harness the powers and attributes the jaguar embodies in the spiritual sense, I am being instructed to physically and mentally condition myself to have more in common with and more of a linkage to this Jaguar ‘archetype’.

For example, jaguars have a noted quality of bridging between three major ‘spheres’ of the forest habitat: the upper, heavenly reaches of the trees they climb and jump between; the middle, earthly tracts of paths they traverse on the ground; and the underworld connotations of the water they (almost uniquely among felines) make themselves at home in when they wish to.

So right now, I’m being guided to prepare myself for exploring this Mesoamerican underworld - what I would call a spiritual operation - by first undergoing what you could call ‘qualifications’ in the physical sense. In this case becoming absolutely, totally comfortable in and under water, swimming, diving, physically mastering the element to prepare my mind and spirit for a later phase of this education. To the end effect that, I cease to make what used to be a much clearer ‘distinction’ between the physical and the spiritual at all!

This continues to be a real eye-opener for me, and it’s very exciting the sense that I can easily imagine this kind of training to be what the spiritual trainees of old might have received in the past. I know I’ve oft lamented the passing away of viewpoints and knowledge with the march of “progress” in the world today, not just spiritual suppression and witch hunts or Saracens demolishing accomplished spiritualities and cultures but things as simple and irreplaceable as old people dying out with memories and stories and quaint traditions dying with them, or ancient dialects of Tzakonian Greek slowly fading into dead history.

But with these kinds of contact available to us, to make a completely unjustified and maybe perverse reference to the Norwegian band Mayhem: THE PAST IS ALIVE.