Testing with entities

So let’s say i want to test some entities for future works, for exemple i evoke king paimon to make my neighbors divorce just for testing now i have 2 questions:

My intent and will won’t be strong at all for the ritual since it’s not something i NEED or WANT absolutely right now, it’s just a test so i guess it will be detrimental?

Also if i do that just for testing won’t the entity i do the test with be displeased by that fact or don’t really give a **** because at the end of the day it doesn’'t change things for his perspective and i give him an offering ,he does the work get payed etc.

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Make sure you let them know it’s a test run and start off small. First like have some one you haven’t seen in ages show up or bump into you or message you randomly or have a strange day of seeing cats or dogs about or some one give you money out the blueake sure you have an offering for this as well

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They are okay if i evoke them for small things? or i need to contact them only if i have something big and/or serious?

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What a disappointing and immature thought that is.

It most definitely will not work for the exact reasons you described

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@Aprentiz The OP did do an introduction. It’s under the title “Just another immortality seeker.”

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I already done an introduction, and i don’t think testing is immature at all like i said it’s for future works and even if lots of people here say that x or x entities are great and all i think testing stay essential because without experimentation at the end of the day all the rest is just information, and i think that yes it’s immature to do some critical works based on just information you didn’t bother testing out beforehand plus we’re talking magick here something that from my point of view is difficult to understand something not tangible, something that seems subjective to a lot of people,something with a lot of variables i don’t know/understand from my simple human point of view. I mean look at all the scams there is in this market, don’t you think it’s for a reason? magick is (again for me) something complex that NEED to be tested if you want to be able to apply it more efficiently and reduce undesired outcomes and errors in the future.

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It’s also about testing myself because i’m also full of variables i don’t know nor understand and this variables count for the final equation (chakra, law of attraction, my subconcious also my dna that can carry information with my ancestor that can influence things in a way i don’t even understand/know) i mean there is so much things…

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If you try testing an entity, they are far more likely to fuck with you, to determine if you’re worthy of their time and effort than anything else.

In your example of King Paimon, he will knock you on your ass if you ask him to make your neighbours divorce just to see if he can do it. A request like that is beneath a king.

Magick is a serious game, and it is your Will that directs everything. If you are assigning an objective that you don’t care about, neither will the spirit. For magick to work, you need at least some emotional desire for the result. Otherwise, nothing will happen.

You will never know all the variables involved. This is magick, not mathematics.

Also, offerings are not payments. They are gifts.


yep i agree that i don’t expect magick to work like mathematics but i would like to know a minimum what to expect…

And what if i ask king paimon to teach me how to manipulate so that i can do my experiments myself and not waste is time? if i do it myself is will and emotional desire still important since there is not entities involved but only me?

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Hiya OP! I’m not sure where the attitude of testing beings as the wrong thing comes from, but it’s incorrect. There’s nothing immature about keeping records and experimenting with magic, at all- in fact, it’s how you evolve and grow your work! But magical experimentation doesn’t work like physical experimentation IME, because, not that intent or will is all you need, but it has a much more pronounced effect than in physical experiments. If you’re specifically trying to get an entity to prove themselves, @bunny4cam’s suggestion is a great one, especially if you settle on a concrete objective in a concrete time frame, like someone buying you a specific food this week or getting told the same sentence 15 times in one month; obviously, you need to keep meticulous records to make it clear. You’ll never know everything involved with what’s going on, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on understanding how it works in the ways you can understand/that make sense to you. It’s very rewarding! :slight_smile:

As for testing your own variables, this is where manipulating your personal feelings comes in. If you can sublimate or otherwise create the feeling that you need this to happen, your success rate will skyrocket- as long as you don’t lust for the result, that is. IME when you can create a root primal lust for the result and are left without a trace when then the operation is complete, your chances go way up. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think they would appreciate being tested. I think some of them would ignore and others maybe would give you a hard time. So, try test yourself, your abilities to perform magik, small spells, like find money, get someone to call you. You can also ask them small things that you actually want, like that person you had a crush on to call you, ya know, not to testing them, but to practice your own magik. Your abilities to summon. You gonna have to study magik and learn how to get things by yourself, ya know perform the spells to get whatever you want, need, cause demons are there to help you get what you want and to help you become a better version of yourself, not to just give to you what you want.
Be always careful and respectful with them :wink:

Testing beings isn’t really a bad thing, just make sure you talk about it with said beings, no underhanded things. I’ve done this before mainly to get the beings to confirm they’re legit and not in my head/thoughtforms, because some people will feed attention to thoughtforms without questioning if the entity is legit. When it comes to occult and working with entities it’s just one of many paths to grow and learn. It’s not immature, it’s a rarity to want to test it and not just have blind faith, that’s more immature than this.

I would agree on starting small, that way it doesn’t seem like you’re screwing with their time.

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