Testing The Godlike Power Of Creation

Testing The Godlike Power Of Creation.

Okay so obviously one topic of godhood is Omnipotence, the greatest feat of using this power is creation, now i came up with a amazing technique of creating a construct, it’s a little different than what you might expect so i’ll explain.

What Construct Are We Creating ?.

Okay this construct i made and will actually become a great tool in the future, the construct is a black cube. This cube will become a body for a consciousness of a spirit or force of your choice. We will be testing a few things in creating this construct.

You’ll learn how to manipulate energy in a way your probably not used to. Second you’ll learn how to structure a energetic construct into a visible, physical materialization. You’ll be testing astral mechanism and how to play and experiment with vibrations.

Then i’ll teach you how to solidify, feed and stabilize the construct, then i will show you how to house a force or a certain spirit into this construct. Then i’ll show you how to increase this construct’s manifestation beyond normal materialization.

Construction Of The Cube.

Okay why use a cube, well let me explain in my spiritual contact with various entities they explained that a cube is a great shape as it symbolizes our 4 dimensional world, we use that because we are trying to manifest something beyond the four dimensions.

The Nabateans would use cubes made of volcanic black rock, the reason they used this shape is because it is the perfect idol, instead of using idols of bodies or faces they used this shape because they understood their gods are far beyond shape and their true form is unfathomable.

So these are two reasons we’ll be using the cube, now before we continue you must know how to enter the theta gamma sync, you must have obtained a certain amount of power, you must also be able to control energy to a degree.

The use of structuring will also be important i will teach this as we go along, but first we will create the cube in another realm this is the first stage of the cube’s creation.

Astral Creation.

Okay find a corner of your bedroom, physically clean that area and then banish all energies using any banishing rite you feel comfortable with.

Next sit and meditate facing that corner, close your eyes and do your regular meditation routine for about three to five minutes. Next vibrate the mantra ‘OM’ allow this vibration to take your mind to a place made of pure energy a realm filled with light.

See the realm in your minds eye, everything is made of pure astral energy as you keep repeating the mantra with your eyes closed, the more your being pulled into that realm, project there.

Next while you are there, command and will all the energies in that realm to compress into one singular point in the air, squeezing all the light, sound and energy of this realm into the astral.

With your astral hands squeeze the cube and push your godlike power into it, solidifying and condensing the power and vibrations. Once you feel the cube is energized and compressed enough, command it to keep its form.

Now exhale as you hold on tight to the cube and descend from the astral realm back into your room, in the physical. Doing this will bring those high vibrations down to the vibrations of this physical four dimensional world.

Now before entering your body place that cube into the corner of the room your body is facing, command the cube to stay in the air. Next return to your body enter the theta gamma sync and look to the place in the air where you placed the cube.

Open your eyes then place a candle in that corner, then call the forces of fire and invoke that force into the flame, then verbally command the fire to charge the cube then meditate on it for a few minutes.

Energetic Solidification.

Sit back by the same corner of the room, perform the invocation of omnipotence, then with your right hand push that godlike power into the cube, while stating

" By the powers of godhood, i am destroyer and creator, by the power of omnipotence and my undying will i command the energies of this construct to solidify ".

Then continue pushing the energy into the cube feel the energy of the cube solidify more and more, then keep repeating

" OH DRAKON OH MEGAS " over and over forcing the astral atoms of the cube to squeeze and solidify. Then place and light a candle again invoke the powers of fire into the candle like before and command it charge the cube.

Transforming The Cube’s Material Into Physical.

Go back into the corner and place underneath the energy cube in the air incense, then structure the same cube in the incense smoke, here’s how to structure it.

Structuring Technique.

Enter the theta gamma sync look to the corner and take a ’ Snapshot ’ which basically means try and remember how the corner looks then close your eyes and recreate the image in your mind but visualize a cube inside the incense smoke.

As you do this focus on it and then open your eyes, start scrying into the smoke the ’ static rain ’ also known as sprites will begin building the cube in the incense smoke, now with your right arm towards the smoke, inhale and feel the energy of your surroundings enter the chakra then exhale and push that power to feed the construct.

The deeper you scry and the more the focus is kept on the cube the more solid it will become. Now meditate and scry for a few minutes your focal attention will feed the construct and the sprites which are the building blocks of reality will continue building the cube.

Now simply call a spirit or force you desire to house into this cube, by repeating it’s name or enn or a summoning incantation, once you feel the blanket manifestation of the spirit, then structure in the smoke of the incense a orb.

Then say " ( Spirit’s name ) i house you into the cube of power before come ".

Use your will to push the blanket manifestation into the orb structured above the cube, with your right arm push your will to pull the orb into the cube.

Then push energy from your Zeal Chakra, into the cube, then visualize purple energy flowing from your right hand into the cube and say

" Oh Drakon Oh Megas " then feel the cube become solid, then focus in the cubes center ask the power of the spirit to empower the energy construct and " Make it more physical ".

Now take a paper give blood on to it and visualize the blood energy and life force create a red vapor of energy then place this underneath the space of the cube on the ground.
Then place a bowl of water next to it, scry into it and push your energy and will to open it like a gateway.

Then light a candle and invoke fire into the flame of the candle, now meditate in front of the cube visualize beacons of power flowing into the cube feeding it and say.

" By the three great gateways, Blood, Water and Fire solidify and charge the cube of ( Spirits name inside the cube ".

Then verbally ask the spirit, to stay and keep the cube in the air.

Focal Feeding.

Now and then meditate in that corner and scry while in the theta gamma sync, commune with the spirit by repeating his enn, and visualize the material of the cube become more physical, then draw a energetic symbol or sigil of the spirit in the air and say.

" Materialize, Energy Multiply, Cube Solidify ".

Then continue scrying and focus on the sprites, telepathically command the sprites to increase the manifestation of the cube. Every now and then meditate in front of it while scrying you’ll begin seeing the cube with your physical eyes.


Now the energy construct is solidified, experiment with it, keep feeding the construct or send out the cube with the spirit inside of it. The spirit will be able to perform tasks a lot faster and manifest your goal faster.

You can meditate with that cube, and pull energy from the spirit into you or anything else it’s up to you, this is a experiment of wielding your godlike power and also you now have that energetic construct as a vessel for the spirit.

Experiment have fun and happy ascending / happy descending.




If you were to use the cube as a vessel for a legion of spirits, would each of the spirits of the legion have to use the same cube?


All to the same cube my brother.


I almost never use other people’s guides, but I recently discovered the power of the black cube with all it’s associations. I like the fact that we are putting it in a corner. Is the direction and color of candle dependant on any factors or is it customizable that way?

As a suggestion for anyone else using this technique, being familiar with the hypercube angle would be massively helpful for materialization.

Thanks for this.

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Great Work man
Will do this tonight

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I would really like to try this sometime! You make some really amazing stuff!!!

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!BumP! :trident: :fire:


This, is how such a nabatean Rock Idol Looks like:

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Omg I love you

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The tesseract eh? I’ve often though the tesseract could be much deeper and complex than it initially appears. Its funny the black cube appears more and more. Last time I saw it it was locked away in a folded dimensional area in a dream. Upon opening the locked door it was more of a volcanic area with graves the shape of crucifixes with molten fire. These nigh infinite graves surrounded and converged with the cube. I can’t recall if it was faceless or not. Ground was rock but the sky if any was indecipherable. That was a long time ago.

Maybe just a dream.

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I’d like to know more of your expience of the Rock between the worlds. May I ask you to invoke me, or ask permission to evoke you to my temple?



Sorry i didnt get back.to you. Ill be in an aiplane shortly so go right ahead.