Testing my first Servitor creation

Hello fellow individuals, I have put some efforts into creating my first Servitor and really believe I got the “formula” correct this time. If at all possible, would any of you like to double-check the work and provide critique (positive or negative)? Is such a thing allowed here?

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Yup , I’ll critique you

Great! I didn’t think this through though lol - should I just direct the Servitor to go to you? :slight_smile:

For starters , how did you go about creating it ? Does it have a name ?

I took some advice via many online articles and took the good ol’ meditation and visualization route until I could pick up on the energy I was aiming to produce, then I visualized (more like mentally molded but visualized sounds correct) that energy forming into a productive “source” and gave that source a nickname of “S” to make things easier.

They have a full name, but we’ll go with S for privacy purposes. :slight_smile:

Ok , that’s good , did you make it with the intent that it’s perfectly obedient to you ?

Yes. He is obedient to me.
(Edit: sorry for the long wait, working atm)

Tell him to do something and see if he does it

For myself or for you?

He does many things, but I wanted to see if others experienced it to ensure it wasn’t just me tricking myself haha I still have quite a bit of mental chatter that can get in the way of non-biased judgement at times. Hence, why I value critique.

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You want people to see if it’s there correct? To see if it’s there by means of scanning it and describing it right?

Nonfrontloaded confirmation

For you

Is your servitor related somehow to snakes or something of it snake-like?

Not necessarily to scan as I know he exists. It’s more I want to see if others experience what I do. I want to know if there are differences.

Nope, but you’re picking up on something else so you’re not entirely wrong.