Testing Curses: User Discretion is Advised!

I’m in a cursing mood, so I’m going to be testing out a few from a few books I have that I haven’t used yet. You can also post your most successful curses here for others to try, hence the warning. If you do post a curse please give clear instructions on how to perform the ritual and how to pronounce the words. You can also post results here as well. I’ll be posting my curses and my results as well.


Update, I petitioned Marbas to curse a couple of people with infections. When i have confirmation of it working i will post another update.

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Power radionics. Gave a nasty bitch dementia… ha! No precise instructions (sorry) as it was over a year ago. I remember my sets were to cause insanity, fear and panics ect… But with that kind of magic your personal approach is more often the right one. So even if I gave my exact instructions then they might not work for someone else.

If my post doesn’t meet the requirements for the thread then inform me and I will delete it. Just felt like sharing because… Ha!

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Wow thank you for sharing! Ive never heard of Power Radionics before. Im going to have to learn more about it. Could you explain the basics?

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I don’t want to derail the thread but if you can inbox me I would be happy to indulge your curiosity :slight_smile:

My absolute pleasure!

I say this because I don’t have a fucking clue how to initiate an inbox on this forum :joy: