Testimony of how Bael has helped me

As it was settled with Bael, I’ll share with you how this spirit helped me to hide a shipment from my country customs for a great cause.

My dog got diagnosed with brain tumor, which involves going through several painful tests and then to purchase expensive drugs with many difficult side-effects on his health… I went on to search an alternative natural remedy. There’s only few, but the best reviewed one is a homeopathic treatment only sold in the US, and every company refuses to ship it to Europe as it contains ‘‘restricted ingredients’’ (only restricted in Europe ffs)… I have found a company that was willing to order it in their warehouse and then ship to me (intermediary).

Here’s when Bael is involved, I have asked him to hide my shipment from the attention of the border customs, so it will be allowed for delivery … And guess what, despite that I payed an extra 80 euros to the customs, I still received the shipment and have started the treatment… Gratitudes to Bael