Testimonial - Financial Assistance granted fast within 3 days by the Mighty and Powerful Duke Bune

I recently experienced a financial crisis and needed an additional source of income to meet and solve that crisis. I turned to the MIGHTY AND POWERFUL DUKE BUNE for assistance. I performed a ritual to DUKE BUNE on a Friday early morning around 1 AM. I prepared an offering of orange, chocolate, and some cigarettes. I lit a candle and meditated on Duke Bune’s sigil for about 30 minutes repeating the phrase hail Bune, hail Bune, hail Bime over and over again. Then I offered my offerings of orange, chocolates, and cigarettes to Duke Bune. First the orange, then I peeled a portion of it and ate it. Then chocolates, I ate one. Then I lit a cigarette and smoke it.

While I was doing this, I was continuously meditating on Duke Bune’s sigil and visualizing that I am connected to Duke Bune in some way so that Bune can also taste the flavors of my offerings as I ate them. I had also prepared beforehand a written request on a small piece of paper. Written there are my requests and what would I give to Duke Bune for my request to be granted. Then I sealed it with a drop of my blood. Then I burned it. Then I thanked MIGHTY AND POWERFUL DUKE BUNE. and I ended my ritual. About 3 days after, additional income streams started coming in. 2 apartment rooms that I have that had been vacant for more than 3 months were occupied by tenants on the same day.

I received an invitation for a job interview. Friends started coming out of the blue and lending me some money. A business transaction was consummated which gave me a commission. THANK YOU SO MUCH MIGHTY AND POWERFUL DUKE BUNE!!! HAIL TO THEE MIGHTY AND POWERFUL DUKE BUNE!!! GLORY, PRAISE, AND HONOR BE UNTO THEE MY MASTER, MY TEACHER, MY GUIDE, MY PROTECTOR, AND MY FRIEND MIGHTY AND POWERFUL DUKE BUNE!!!


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