Terrifying nightmare, what does this mean?

i just woke up from 3 separate nightmares and you guys are the only ones i can tell, someone explain this to me? please.

i am smoking weed with my brother in public then some other dude also wants a puff and decides to join, we are done and decide to live on separate roads.

in front of us are two suspicious looking men(the popo) the guy we were with screams and starts yelling attracting attention to us, we starts running, the cops know we smoke weed (apparently am also paranoid as well in my dreams).

jumps to a new scenery, its dark am closing down a shop i think i work in for the night. but there is some sort of curfew outside there are cops everywhere, some come to help me close it down even faster, we do but i realize am hungry and decide to reopen and head back in for bread.

as i come out there are a men with guns(looked like AK47’s) they open fire, i get shot all over, i could feel it, not the pain but it felt like i was aware where the bullets hit.

I am on the floor, and i hear one of them say “unathani me nimjinga?” thats swahili for “you think am stupid?” then keeps firing at me, they ran away and the cops came, thats where i woke.

last part am involved in what seems like a coup, its like a war zone, i try to save my family but i fail or something i don know. guys, research tribal violence in kenya 2007. that would help you see what i mean coz it felt i was part of something similar. the details are a little fuzzy.

i didnt pay attention or rather didnt take this seriously not because i don believe but its just that, its hard for me to believe in anything at the moment.

God won’t help me no one can except me and i am scared to even try. my friends are earning big money while everyone see’s me as dead weight and a looser. a lazy douche.

i have had this thought of summoning a succubbus, but am so freaked out, what if i do and she ends screwing up my life instead of helping out?

are this two things related?

i feel like am running out of time, i need to accomplish my dream and make a reality no matter what.

what do this dreams mean?

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