Terrible situation feel trapped!

Urgently need help. I believe someone close to me has either summoned a demon that has thought me a very important lesson and made me realize things I would have never known before it was too late. I couldn’t believe this stuff was real but it was an incredibal/terrifying/very important event that hasn’t ended. Now I’m in a Terrible situation, it’s feels as if I’m missing something. I feel a psi-vamp that has lied to me and turned me against the boy;(wich I feel terroribal about):):frowning: I also think that she actually may be possessed, she may also be very sick , like with Huntington’s syndrome. The kids aren’t living with us right now:( and I’m worried that something Terrible has been done to the structure of our house. It sounds crazy but I have pics and video if interested. I’ve learned a lot but I can’t continue this without finding out this last bit of what needs to be known for the kids to be safe and my family back together if possible, It scares me but I accept what has happened and my worldview is completely altered for the best.

Also, I think there may be someone who could help me that lives close by. I don’t know their name but I want to approach him. How could I do that without looking like a crazy, like I feel somebody is setting it up for me to be labeled as such, I just want everyone to be safe, And honest :smirk::smirk:

Please help if you can,

I don’t think anyone actually understands what you are asking help with. Take a deep breath and a moment to explain what’s going on. In a clear way, no “something terrible this and something terrible that”.

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I apologize, I’m all fucked up :weary: I’ll try again.

I can’t be specific for obvious reasons. I’m certain there has been something that has happened in my life that has wreaked havoc and tore my family apart. My older brother committed suicide, my mom and dad both don’t want me around at a time when I need support, I’m awaiting court for bullshit charges, had two cars destroyed and so on and so on. Every where I go people act like they don’t want to talk to me even people I know well, they give me the stink eye and don’t trust me, workers follow us in stores and everything. I’ll
Our house has be invaded and stuff put in our walls and poured from attic, so I tore walls out and found what was poured but also found something terribly disturbing. Our house along with foundation and all has been set up to fall and crumble, which I think was the reason the stuff was poured down walls in corners, to warn me about the house. Also I found envelopes marked worth charcoal and a drop of what looked like blood. I opened them and was shocked at what presented itself. I still can’t believe it.

It feels like my girl friend is behind the house being set to fall apart. She’s a psi-vamp whether she knows it or. It. I’ve noticed goostepping, breathing in sequence, lots of hypnotic suggestion, i find myself falling asleep abruptly . .blood on and in everything. I’ve heard her voice changed twice and I have video of one of those times. I have many pics of epither demons or manifestations of spirits or something, there’s so much more…bit my iCloud was erased, working with Apple no to retrieve it.

So I guess my question is, if there is somebody that may be able to help me, should I contact them.
I promised my friend on his deathbed that I would protect the kids and because of this intervention.? i know what not to do and where I was wrong and to never repeat the bad decisions ive made in my past. I just need to know what do I do to move forward…and for the truth to reveal itself …

Itd be so much easier to talk in person By tphone :weary::weary:

Banish. Maybe banish every day for a week or so.

Maybe you can have a tarot reading to see if there is any parasite fucking with you. Start from there.

I do NOT offer any kind of services.


Please be very careful about offering to pay for magical services on a public forum. It sets you up to be taken advantage of by scammers.

I know you are desperate, but please know that no one on this forum is allowed to offer magical services, with the exception of @C.Kendall, so if anyone contacts you about this, they are breaking the rules.


Sorry about that, I understand.

I saw the use of stink eye. Are you Hawaiian?

so to sum it up. The message i’m getting is that someone curse you and your home to mess up your life and those that come into contact with you.Maybe demon possession to destroy home as well?

I’ve been hit with multiple attacks from diff people, I think?? It started with

“religious” experience about 2 1/2 years ago. It felt incredible. I noticed I could remember forgotten memories of my life down to the detail. I also felt like my nervous system was on overdrive but in a good way, like electricity running through me. Was in a state of bliss for roughly 2 hours afterwich I was drained and had migraine. Made some big life changes because of that experience.
Could this be something to help me determine wtf has happened😭

you think??
make a list of mundane possible logical explanation. Too many people try to blame the occult when things go wrong.

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Maybe you should seek psychotherapy or go to another site, that deals with your problems. This site deals with magic and the occult, nothing your saying has anything to do with magic!!!

If your trying to be confusing hoping someone will do a casting or hex, you need to contact EA and do a consult or perhaps Conner Kendall.

The spell begging and psychodrama doesn’t belong here. What I am seeing is a someone who has no real magical ability and is seeking someone here to perform some kind of love spell for him, her.

You’ve no experience with magic performing complex rituals what I would do is contact E.A. Koetting and do a consultation.

E.A. Koetting, the co-founder of this website and could help solve your problems through his experience and knowledge. He offers consultations and rituals for a fee. He’s a very skilled sorcerer and I think he could help guide you through this.

Here’s a link:

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Not blaming anything or anybody.
A list of logical explanations is something I should have done a lot earlier, before and during the time I was g0etting mindfuckd.

Ok thank you

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