Terrible and Great King Balaam

I need to use this channel to thank the Great and Terrible King Balaam!

Great because he possesses vast power, wealth and government;
Terrible because he has enabled me to extract from the darkness of the unconscious, solutions to be refined by your auspices and used in everyday life.

I know I could say thank you in a thread of my own, but I decided to open a new thread here to record my “relationship” with the Terrible and Great King Balaam!

I promise regular updates!



my work with king balaam was initially aimed at acquiring knowledge in a divinatory method (Tarot).
My intention is to use the tarot to communicate with spirits, so I did the ritual using the Solomonic method as in Mathers’ clavicles. In fact, I added some “chants” from VK JEHANNUM (I love this site!!).

i did the first conjuration (as described in the keys of salomon) but he didn’t come. i repeated the conjuration again, this time with more insistence, and i felt that he did come.

the way he came was a bit “troubled” i heard him saying that he had already arrived before i even finished the conjuration. but i recited it to the end.

During the petitions I made, I felt that he was turning around, and his presence was extremely disturbing. (I think Balaam being portrayed as using a bear as a mount is a good idea).

As I was already there to ask him for divinatory auspices through the cards, I decided at the last minute to ask him if he could start a cooperative relationship with me. I shuffled the cards and he recommended removing the bottom card. The “drawn” card was the arcane 0.

In other words: “this is the beginning of cooperation”.

I thanked him and offered him a shot of whisky (a Talisker 10 year old - the best I had for a king) and also a cinnamon-scented candle that I had made myself.

on the day I wrote this post, below:

I was deeply impacted by the energy of the ritual. I remember doing the banishments after the end, all in accordance with what I “learned” and what I “think” is recommended (I understand that everyone has their own practices and respect).

for those who are busy and can’t read: basically, I was so impressed by the aftermath of the ritual that I thought balaam or one of his legionnaires might have drained my energy. it was a night of “strange” and very peculiar dreams that called for unconventional explanations. The night after the ritual, balaam visited me in the middle of the night and made me “travel through the same dreams”, where I could vividly see the same images, but this time he gave me explanations and possible meanings.

according to a friend, who is more literate than me in “dealing” with spirits, balaam may have led me through the “sea of my subconscious”, where my fears are crystallized and can prevent me from continuing my journey. I found the explanation “reasonable”, especially bearing in mind that King Balaam is a spirit linked to the “black sun”. If we take this to be true, I could say that Balaam repaid me for the effort I made to dedicate the flame of a candle to him, which I carved with my own hands (and it was quite difficult as I burned myself a few times melting the wax).

After the “adventure” of going through my dreams with Balaam, he gave me the best erotic dream I’ve ever had. lol

I had sex with two beautiful young girls and they submitted to any and all fantasies I asked of them. lol

i still have the candle i made for him, and i light it every other day at sunrise. i haven’t made it an obligation or a contract, but i keep doing it until it runs out, or until i find a nice place to leave it.

I also light it when I’m studying the tarot, in the hope that the energy of the ritual will help me to have a better understanding of my studies.

i feel that after this contact between me and him, i am more sensitive to astral perceptions, and i acquire.

I will say here the materials I used, sometimes this can help someone : 1) yellow candles, 2) frankincense and myrrh, 3) I made an aromatic candle and dedicated it to the spirit Balaam. 4) I made his sigil on paper under wood (but I used a very beautiful paper of gold color) 5) I also made three more sigils about the size of a coin, one to decorate the candle I made in honor of him, and two others that were energized during the ritual and later stored in strategic locations as a kind of “talismans”.

I feel like he’s been with me and this past Saturday I had to engage in a discussion at work. where an unruly employee needed to be warned, but my colleague who shares with me the position of sector head and those who like to “relieve” even when the case is serious. During the meeting (me, the other boss, and the unruly employee), I had an excellent performance, and I communicated in such a refined way that I was able to warn well the employee who had an act of indiscipline, as well as my colleague (who is also a boss as I am) who felt threatened by being openly protective of the rebellious employees. Today Monday, the comment about Saturday’s meeting has logically already spread and many are commenting on how necessary it was to warn quite incisively someone who disturbed the proper functioning of everyone’s work.

my interpretation of the episode is that without the “cunning and refinement” that I asked King Balaam to make decisions, it would not be possible to articulate the words in such an exemplary way. I recognize that Balaam is a demon who operates by capturing energy from the subconscious, - as he himself made me ramble on in dark dreams - to pour upon the EGO all the crudest energy possible. to thus direct the energy to my intent.

The “Black River of the Unconscious” is where the bear that is ridden by Balaam hunts fish (which represent creativity). The very fact that he is portrayed in this way as a bear tamer already makes it clear how competent he is at taming brutal forces. and yes, sure, Balaam is terrible!

That’s the first practical lesson he gave me. I think I can say it was a “test” as well. Others may come. and I will continue to trust in the great power of this King. if I could choose a major arcana of the tarot to illustrate how I see it at this moment, I’d say it’s “THE CHARIOT.” In the tarot of waite this arcane is represented by a crowned man full of pomp in parade. The car is pulled by two sphinxes, one black and one white (they are respectively the two hidden forces of the mind the white representing the EGO and the Black representing the SUBCONSCIOUS). The man who stands on the car is crowned and under his crown we can see an eight-pointed star, I see it as a reference to infinity. Balaam today for me, represents this: ability to merge the two poles light and dark, as well as the sun that every night descends to the underworld to illuminate the “other side”. For now I’ll stop here, but I want to keep updating.


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this is the sigil I made for King Balaam.

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King Balaam helped me close a deal today.
The most curious thing about the situation is that yesterday, the contractor had declined the idea of doing business with me.

Today, during the meeting, I wasn’t there, but I gave my representative a clear idea of how he should approach the matter in order to make a success of the operation. We succeeded! Hail King Balaam!

Details of how he helped me:

  1. Balaam gave me details of how the interlocutor was “thinking” and what kind of feelings were “at stake” for the contractor to decide in our favor ;
  2. Balaam advised me on what time to approach the contractor;
  3. Balaam gave us a script, the order of the speeches, and the “key words” we should use;
  4. He gave me all the guidelines via “insight” as a “brainstorm”.

It worked !
Thank you King Balaam !

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Balaam: one of the seemingly most faithful as well as underrated amongst them.

There’s no doubt that King Balaam is a very intelligent spirit, and really underused compared to the others.


Successful evocation of King Balaam this Sunday 10/10/2023.

Purpose of the evocation (using the Solomonic method):

  1. to clarify some questions (I’ll share some here with you);

  2. to offer him some sage, which was burned as incense.

Before the ritual, I smoked the temple door from the outside using rue, and inside the temple with artemisia.

  • Rue to expel unwanted intruders;
  • Mugwort, in order to acquire mediumistic properties to establish a more favorable connection with the daemon.
    I noticed a good influence from both plants used.

During the evocation, petitions and questions were asked and answered through the Tarot.
I observed King Balaam’s excellent ability to express himself through the tarot, and in one of the questions he preferred to answer through insight.

Balaam has a great ability to communicate through the cards, and gives very coherent and direct answers through the minor and major arcana. I appreciate the spirit’s perspicacity in talking about different subjects, including subjects related to other spirits through the tarot’s arcana.

Simple drawing mechanics: initially one card per question, but on one occasion, balaam asked me to draw two cards to better illustrate the answer.

King Balaam is very powerful!

Questions I can share:

  1. Tell me through the tarot, if you could open my third eye so that my ability is amplified my ability to communicate with spirits during evocations
    “THE PENDURED” yes!
    But it takes training and dedication.

(Meaning of the card: peace and acceptance after a crisis or great effort. Because the hanging comes right after JUSTICE. Following the idea of traditional yoga, the act of hanging upside down causes sexual energy to descend into the head (or mind) - which can be a direction for how to achieve the third eye cleft.
the tree of the “hanging” begins in the subterranean world [unconscious] and extends through the physical world [conscious] to the sky [superconscious] - the 12th arcanum is attributed to the Hebrew letter mem which means “seas”. The HANGING conveys independence, and the feeling of being connected to life).

Here it becomes clear that sexual energy, with its creative power (visualization) can be worked on under the auspices of Balaam. How this work is carried out should be asked directly.

  1. Diva me through the Tarot, if you can conceive me psychic protection, “shielding” my mind from negative influences, which could unbalance me.

At this point he tells me through “insight” to “burn some more sage”.


The magical properties of sage include psychic protection, clairvoyance and the purification of undesirable energies. It follows that Balaam is also literate in the powers of herbs and here he gives a recipe for psychic protection through the smoking of sage.

  1. Tell me through the tarot if you could help me with attacks on rivals and enemies and if it is possible for your power to cause damage to a target.


the hanging man conveys peace and tranquillity. In this case we could possibly consider the reversed meaning of the card. So Balaam would cause a lack of peace, confusion and unease. Chaos and also confusion

  1. What kind of material damage could you cause to a target?


-bring justice into the life of someone who has wronged you. I inflict only in proportion to what they have caused you. Something like the “law of return”

It’s important to note that the Major Arcana “Justice” is in order, before the arcana of the hanging man. In this case, we can consider that Balaam could revert a situation of fulfillment, peace, stability and tranquility - which well represents the HANGING - to the previous “stage”. The “just” opposite, the state of battle for a result.

Powerful and very effective.

I will keep this diary updated, and may it be as a reward to give more visibility to the great and terrible King Balaam.

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Maybe you’ll find this interesting, too. What you’d said reminded me of a concept called, “eroto-comatose lucidity”. For practical reasons, yes, it can be enhanced though the careful administration of alcohol or cannabis, among others.

Look friend, here you raised an important question, which I have already experienced in my work wwith this daemon, which is the following: Balaam is a specialist in giving sexual dreams. It was how I asked him about the work on “opening the third eye” and I think he confirmed to me what I had already experienced with him… which were these erotic, extremely psychedelic dreams. Now about that link you gave, perhaps this “practice” can be taken as a kind of “training” for better “visualization”.

I even think it would be possible to outline the following: the practice of sexual stimulation, with deprivation of orgasm, with the aim of retaining sexual energy, for later meditative purposes. - it could be a daydream of mine, perhaps - but perhaps the “visualization” of the sexual act during the practitioner’s solitary stimulation, followed by focused meditation, at the opening of the third eye chakra could be a potentializing factor!!!


I’m beginning the practice, under the guidance of King Balaam, of balancing chakra focal points.

During a meditation I was led by a being from his phalanx, a feminine energy. I received some teachings and my visualization level was very sensitive.

The spirit made me observe my chakra focal points and mentioned how I should observe them.

I was told to prepare for three days of exercise, so that I could finally enter that state again and see the differences from my previous practice.

The entity claimed to be from Balaam, and said that the focus of our work is in fact the sharpening of the “third eye”.

In our last hearing, I emphasized to King Balaam that I would like to open my astral senses in order to have better contact with the entities of Goetia, and he seems to be inclined to help me.

I would also like to point out that the day after King Balaam’s evocations, for the second time in a row, has caused me a certain amount of “tiredness”, more physical than mental.
I don’t think this must be exclusive to him, as I’ve had the same perception with Vine. The curious thing is that they are both kings.


May it be in honor of the name of Balaam.

Balaam precognition:

The term precognition is closely linked to intuition and premonition, according to scientific research, in 64% of cases (here spontaneous) it occurs through dreamlike experiences.

As I have observed through “insights” sponsored by Balaam, he can increase his ability to “foresee” a situation through analysis and insight, as has happened in the following scheme:

I feel able to intuit, through a pre-existing knowledge in myself, a person’s next steps. -It works better if you know the person in question better.

For example:

During a conversation, you and your interlocutor pass on various pieces of information to each other, at which point you share two distinct types of information.

  1. Conscious information: information that is present in the speech to convey a premeditated impression;

  2. Unconscious information: this is information that “comes out” without you realizing it during the speech, and it is usually part of the rhetorical process to hide it.
    And this is exactly where the crux of the matter lies!

Balaam, you instruct me to consider and analyze exactly the “unconscious information” that is said. The most interesting thing is that the “unconscious information” is not always spoken, but sometimes gestured, or unspoken.


But basically, the main purpose is, through a lot of skill, to extract information from the interlocutor that comes from the “rawest” state of the mind. This kind of raw idea is only communicated by someone after it has been extremely refined by various filters that we “acquire” in an imposed or consensual way in social life, thereby TRANSFORMING “unconscious information” into “conscious information”

Once you’ve mastered the art of navigating someone’s “unconscious” ideas, you’re fully capable of manipulating them at will.

We can remember that Balaam has been portrayed, since the beginning, as riding a bear, this animal has a lot of expression of the earth element, but it feeds on water, on fish that jump out of it … we could make an analogy here between the bear being an “intention” that walks on the edges of consciousness (water) where the fish (symbol of creativity) can be captured by Balaam’s bear. The falcon that Balaam carries on his wrist undoubtedly denotes his ability to see above and look ahead, and that he also hunts fish. This king has a double characteristic of precognition where the hawk (superconscious) and the bear (subconscious) bathe and feed in the waters of consciousness.


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Today, I had to go through a place and not be noticed, the most incredible thing is that in this particular place, there were many antagonists, the instant I was present, everyone turned their backs, I passed invisible under the auspices of Balaam.

Thank you Great and Mighty King Balaam, for giving me today the opportunity to use your invisibility. Accordingly, I had already petitioned. I leave here my testimony, in gratitude, to the powerful virtues bestowed by King Balaam!