Terence McKenna - Culture is your OS

I got nothing to make this more interesting than it already is. Either you agree with the late, great Terence McKenna, or you don’t.

I’ve heard this portion of the lecture many, many times over the years, but still it always moves me to explore my limitations based upon my conception of this ‘reality’ program and what I conceive as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Especially now, after becoming a slice of this big pizza, the BALG forum.


Ok, there is one thing which I believe could be of enormous benefit to all… make this a slice of the “Official Announcements” pizza! :wink:

Koetting got his 5 grams of mushrooms idea from Terence, and put the ritual twist on it.

McKenna is hands down one of the greatest minds our world has witnessed. Some would argue he was the second coming of Christ.
I’m extremely interested the mushroom entity he repeatedly conversed with, and trying to commune with it in the confines of a standard evocation.

I don’t think I’ve ever claimed otherwise. In fact, if anything I go on about McKenna more than I should, as most folks assume that he’s just another burnt-out mushroom hippy. Having listened to just about every interview, trilogue, monologue, debate, and workshop available, on top of reading his books, on top of the Grand Mentor of Experience, I’ve made my own conclusions about his theories. Obviously, he was wrong about a few things, but the essence of his message is one that really clicks with me.

Same here… To bad he is dead, he would have made for a great interview.

Nudges you into the direction of necromantic sorcery

Nudges over five dried grams of mushrooms

Nudges over five dried grams of mushrooms[/quote]
Silk Road 2.0 is legit[/quote]
Oh really?

Nudges over five dried grams of mushrooms[/quote]
Silk Road 2.0 is legit[/quote]
Oh really?[/quote]

Fo shizzle.

Lol I decided I didn’t want to make the forum hot…that’s why I decided to cut that other post…but since you asked, YES…why yes it is.


no matter what, someone on this forum always has what i need