Tenebris, the sword of Lucifer

This might be silly but have you guys got any info regarding this sword?

On the one hand I find this topic quite interesting on the other hand the info on this site is questionable at best (it is quite LARPy if you ask me) and I cant find any other sources about Tenebris. Is it even an actual story, or is it just from a videogame or something?

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Never heard of Tenebris in any setting, fictional or otherwise, to be Lucifer’s sword. In any fictional story where Lucy shows up and has a sword, the sword itself usually doesn’t have a name.


Never heard of the name or of such a sword. As for that website, as you said it looks a bit LARP or something.

Lucifer as an archangel wielded a soul bound weapon like the other archangels but I doubt it was this, this is fiction and it had nothing to do with darkness. Though there was a time I sparred Lucifer and his weapon was more spear-like if not an actual spear. He stated it was one of his weapons prior to his fall/leaving but changed along with himself when he changed.


Yes yes I agree with all of you guys, I dont trust this source either. I am just searching for any reliable sources about the sword. Very interesting @Velenos


I disagree. Temerity is a nabatean word …V.k jahanumm would know because his website uses that in an incantation I Remer vibrating it repeatedly I just can’t recall in what context
Check out v.k website he may have more info @Velenos
But I don’t think its a sword maybe in regards to a weapon he may bestow or gift…or I’m not sure now I wanna know lol.

I don’t trust VK, I’ve bought his services and they were insanely inaccurate. but this is fiction, the website is a literal roleplay website, so not sure what you’re disagreeing with, it’s fact.

As for Lucifer’s weapon what I have experienced he had a spear that he often channeled his dark energy through, but the weapon itself from this link is highly unlikely.


Totally just checked it out myself…in regards to V.K I’ve heard of mixed hot or miss with some practioners and occasionally myself question his perception but for the most part he has been a great source for me…
Tenebris is nabatean . Remember fantasy facilities the imagination and draws into the collective unconscious.
If your interested still after this I’ll find my few sources I know tenwbris was used in incantation.
Lol total role play website…didn’t know that was a thing still.
Power to them tho lol.
And @Velenos I think you mean the source this particular individual drew from is fiction.

Or fantasy is just fantasy, trying to correlate every fantasy ideal to some spiritual reality will often lead to bouts of delusional and parasite attachments. Many artists simply derive their work from pure imagination, others dip into mythology and create their own mythology around various mythological figures. Fantasy feeds into the collective unconscious which gives rise to thoughtforms (which is not bad but it’s not good either, it’s simply what happens when one believes strongly in imagination.)

Yes, that was my whole point this is fiction, the website tenebris being the sword of fallen angel lucifer the entire website is a roleplay wiki.

Tenebris is used in many things because edgelords simply like that it means darkness in latin so of course they will link it to Lucifer of all people.

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Very well said. I legit come to these conclusions as u respond when I check my notes. Thanks much friend!.
No wonder I recognized it.
Fml its Latin. Lmao teach me to half asked xoment without fact checking haha. Thanks homie

Did it change into a trident? I saw that when I invoked him once

slightly different however.

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Interesting, so it confirms it