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Hello fellow sorceresses and sorcerers,

I have to admit that I just recently got to learn more about the Temple of Set and I’m intrigued. But I am not sure wether I want to join or not. I read some stuff about the Temple (mainly Webb, Flowers and Aquino) and I get the feeling that they see Magick more psychological than magickal. My worldview is completely different as I see Magick as a natural force that certainly have an impact on the psyche (not pure psychological results. Does anyone have more info or is a member?

Thanks for the help!

Hey there!

You’re right in assuming that the Temple of Set is very much like LaVeyan Satanism,in the sense that it’s more or less atheists with a fancy hedonistic philosophy.However,I believe there’s a lot more to it.

To learn more about the Temple of Set,I think you should study Set.Setians do not worship Set,or even call on Set.Like Satanists don’t worship Satan or call on Satan.

Satanists do look up to Satan,as an ideal towards which they should strive.And to learn more on what this ideal is,just look up the 11 Satanic Statements.

The Setian ideal,aught to be Set.So study the Set of ancient Egypt.Who was Set?Why was he so special?Why did he,such a dark entity,have Ra’s favor?What about his conflict with Osiris?

Now,you obviously know how it was founded since you mention Aquino.Aquino was a member of Anton Szandor LaVey’s Church of Satan,and believed that Satan was literally appointed there by the Prince of Darkness,Satan,what he refers to as the Infernal Mandate.

Then,he claims LaVey lost his infernal mandate,and he decided to revive it,so obviously,it is slightly spiritual of an organization,but I’m not entirely sure.

It’s basis is coming into being and strengthening the ego,via the Left Hand Path,so it has a strong focus on the Individuality part of the three axioms of the LHP which are Freedom,Individuality,and Power.

There is also some connection to th aspect of Ra as the morning sun,called Khepri,but I am not entirely sure on that,right now.

The Temple of Set was one of the fascinations of mine,when I decided to go Satanist.Despite this,I put LaVey’s teachings behind me before going deep enough into Setianism.

However,I do believe that S Ben Qayin was or is a member of a small order within the Temple of Set.He said:

''As the once Head Of The Inner Order Of The Voltec, I have had years of training in shifting my perception of reality, and thus am able to successfully manipulate the ‘structure’. The Order Of The Voltec were an offshoot from The Temple Of Set, which of course is an offshoot from LaVey’s Church Of Satan - See more at: http://www.becomealivinggod.com/sbenqayin/#sthash.83R2sWGg.dpuf ‘’

So I think it’s worth asking S Ben Qaying about the Temple of Set if you’re interested.

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Did you read Flowers’ Lords Of The Left-Hand Path - he goes into it a bit towards the end of that.

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I was a member (probationary member, really) of the Temple of Set about 11 years ago. I have to admit, I was very impressed with the people I interacted with and learned from in the Temple. What I liked the most was that challenging each other’s ideas and realizations was commonplace. Someone might ask me what I think about a topic (anything from a movie I had just seen to whether I “believed in” Set), and then ask me why I thought what I thought; they challenged me to justify my point of view.

In that way, yes, there was a strong emphasis on philosophy and critical thinking. Whether an individual was atheistic or theistic in their beliefs/ point of view wasn’t as important as challenging oneself to have a strong foundation for who and what you say you are.

That was my experience. Granted, I was only a member for about 9 months before I realized that being a part of a magical order didn’t really work for me, so another member or ex-member of the ToS may have a different perspective.

Timothy on here is also a former member. I hope he doesn’t mind me quoting him:
"(Personal note: early on, I was temporarily a member of a well-known Satanic organization, and was shocked and dismayed to discover the entire curriculum is basically a lifelong study of symbolism and history - almost NOTHING on practical magick! - of course I separated myself from this order)"
Here is a link to the full post and subsequent thread: http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/general-discussion/revolution-the-ascent-of-magick-and-death-of-occultism/

[quote=“Lilithflower, post:5, topic:6121”]Timothy on here is also a former member. I hope he doesn’t mind me quoting him:
"(Personal note: early on, I was temporarily a member of a well-known Satanic organization, and was shocked and dismayed to discover the entire curriculum is basically a lifelong study of symbolism and history - almost NOTHING on practical magick! - of course I separated myself from this order)"[/quote]

I am a current member of the ToS and I am a bit surprised by this, since what I have found is that the amount of theory and esoteric trivia in the Temple is extremely low compared to what one would expect from an occult organization.

My advice would be just to read the official material to make your choice. The General Information and Admissions Policies letter has most of what you need. You can also check Balanone’s Temple of Set FAQ and of course books from Setian authors.

If after that you are still not sure you could try sending an email to the Executive Director.

I am a bit surprised myself. Symbology is a Pre-cursor to Operating Effective Practical Magick. If you are not versed in symbology, you cannot “Craft” effective spells or anything else.

I doubt very much that Timothy would have been knocking the study of symbolism outright. I took what he said to mean that the time spent studying symbolism, as opposed to practical magick was unbalanced. It would be similar if I were to go back and finish my music degree and spend more time trying to stay awake in theory lectures, than I do composing or singing. I’m unlikely to come out as much of a musician, right?
Ok, Timothy, that is twice I have spoken your name in vain. I invite you to share some more about your TOS experience.

I see. Point taken. I think he’s right that is what alot of these organizations do…which is used to string you along so you can fill their coffers full of money. Rarely is what they teach the actual real deal or even worth the actual price.

Could always try contacting them and asking them to put you in contact with a member to discuss these concerns and ask questions?

Speculating and gossip are fun for the monkey mind, but usually end up going in circles, or turning into a projection of one’s own insecurities or whatever.

I don’t know anything about them myself, but the straightforward approach seems best. :slight_smile:

I have a personal interest in the demonic god Set . he’s very enigmatic and didn’t like the established history brought out of Egypt. he said most of it is skewed and not of value. he said to study the pre dynasic history of where his story originates… he’s not a big talker but he’s very interesting none the less.

In Asenath Mason’s works Set is very present.


The Temple of Set had backing from some sectors of the American government, particularly the military. Not sure if this remains the case.


I was a member of the Priesthood for many years. I would say the current in that temple is very different from what you’ll find in more modern groups.

I enjoyed my time there. There was a lot of great discussion and community. But what was taught was more philosophical and psychological, and unless you were doing your own research, magic itself was not taught.

If you’re looking for solid training in black magic, I’d look elsewhere.

I know next to nothing about ToS, but I think it’s silly to take Set out of Kemetic context.
For the life of me I can’t understand how Kemetic gods got mixed up in demonology. Either follow Kemeticism, or don’t.


I think some people want to make demons more than what they are.Its a very unnecessary thing, imo.


Because most “demons” are ancient gods and goddesses. And most of the ones we know were contemporarily worshiped in surrounding areas and therefore many are interconnected. So it is pretty logical to intermingle the traditions.

It sadly happens in the LHP someone found the goetia and started making baseless connections for the majority of them.

The demonized Gods were never given new names until the goetia surfaced and there’s no evidence that backs up the connections. Besides with Asteroth for the most part.

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Oh that’s right, though usually Mesopotamian right?
I mean, there are no Kemetic gods in the grimoires I think …

There’s demons that were forcibly linked to Set, Anpu, Bastet, and Amun. There’s others as well. Set to Sitri, Bastet to Haagenti, etc.

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