Temple of Satan is now a recognized religion

So the temple is now tact exempt. Personally I don’t think any religious organization should be tact exempt. However this is a step in the right direction. Though, I believe, due to its new found status, the temple should be held to higher expectations.

I think it’s only fair. We want the church to be held to higher standards, so the temple should be held as well. Plus, any and all figures of power, authority, and privilege should be rightly scrutinized and questioned as a precaution against abuse of power. That’s just my opinion.


I like the point ToS is trying to make, but the ToS can still suck it. At least the CoS somewhat acknowledged the supernatural element. ToS is just full of atheists who like the aesthetic. Not much better than instagram witches.


Don’t hate just cuz you can’t rock that black velvet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If Pastafarians and the church of the invisible pink unicorn ( yes, it’s a thing) are recognized then hey 🤷

And putting to many restrictions on what constitutes a recognized faith would effectively give power to a group of officials to define what a real faith/path is, culturally speaking, and I don’t care for that idea.