Temple of Ascending Flame - Opening Ritual

This question is directed to those who are familiar with the Opening Ritual as per the Temple of Ascending Flame.

There are several “barbarous words” uttered while calling in the four directions that I can find no translation for, such as (in the West), “Leviathan Tainin’iver Liftoach Kliffoth!” There is a different one for each direction for each of the six spirits.

If anyone can clear this up for me, I’d appreciate it!

Tainin is one of the name for leviathan and Liftoach Kliffoth refers to open up the gates of kliffoth

They have a video or two on barbarous words on their YT channel. Want me to link it?

Thank you. I was more or less interested in meanings of the specific words, if they’re available. I like to know what the hell I’m saying. lol

Yes, please do send the link!

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I am not sure how active she is here but if you can’t find a good answer Asenath is pretty good about responding to messages on her Facebook page.


It’s actually on the pronunciation.

I watched it awhile back but I’m not sure if it covers what you’re looking for. But hey, why not?


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Thank you! Every little bit helps!

I’ll listen to it later. Maybe he’ll have some definitions in there, as well.