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Can somebody enlighten me on the topic of realms how many worlds really are in existence and where do Astral Exist and is it same like ours do people i mean spirits live like us?

One of the adopted divisions is by numbers i.e. 1: the world or universe, 2: visible and invisible, 3: physical, astral and spiritual etc. The astral (divided itself in lower and higher) is ‘here’, but finer than gas.
At least one occult author wrote of elemental spirits eating and drinking their corresponding elements… I don’t know, but a certain degree of “As above, so below” from the Emerald Table surely applies to this as well as to other realities.

It depends on the system you are studying you can use its division, for example druids use a threefold division and qabalists a fourfold/tenfold/fourtyfold/400thfold division!

depending on what system you study it varies.

Just keep in mind the origin of everything has no limits, so it’s really infinity/Tao/Ayn

If you want a clear system to begin with read A garden of pomegranates from Israel Regardie, or Mystic Qabalah from Dion Fortune

Some believe in 7 planes while some believe in 12. I believe in a finite amount of planes, but not the aforementioned ones.

To me the astral is a plane where the emotions, desires, fears of the collective unconscious can manifest on a whim. Where thoughtforms and such “live” out their “existence” as they cannot exist anywhere else tangibly anyway. Am I saying this realm is within the mind? No but it is connected to the mind. We along with actual living races of beings in the etheric and other planes can travel there.

To me the etheric is what people call the spiritual plane. A spiritual plane to us sure but to the inhabitants of these planes it’s their physical plane as to them our plane can be considered a spiritual one because as they come here they are the intangible ones but due to their density being faster or “higher” when we go to their planes our energy bodies will adjust and become semi physical to their plane which is why we can interact. The reason they don’t become physical here is due to our slow density making it nearly impossible if not completely impossible for their energy body or projection to solidly but that’s not so much an issue given our plane has an energetic layer for them to interact and since energy is more free flow and loose in their plane they don’t necessarily require an energetic layer because it’s everywhere.