Telepathy with false twin flame (Introduction)

Hi there. Long read, but in struggle and need help
I am currently living in Norway and some crazy shit has gone down the past few months. It all started as a child when i always felt the presence of some dark entity watching me. Coming from a narcisstic and abusive home you could say the experience wasnt welcomed.
When i was 14 i started to meditate and learn more about chakras, subliminals, binaural beats etc.
It evolved more and more and when i was 16 I met a girl that i received countless synchronicities including number 33 meaning guidance that this was indeed my twin flame. Shit has been horrible the past 2,5 years. I discovered amongst other things that I can put love and sex spells on girls just by writing the end afterwards. Shit with my family evolved and i had to leave home. Moved to 7 different places in the course of 6 months. When I moved to the place i now reside in someone upstairs spied on me with both cameras and suspected spyware. I stalked the “girl of my dreams” on instagram and he found out and apparaently contacted her. I discovered i had telepathy and sent her and still sending constant messages telepathically. I started looking on youtube for mantras to meditate to for lucifer and lilith where they spoke to me and told me i was their child. I have also felt their presence and magical things always happened. The girlfriend of the guy spying on me felt for a week or two the feeling of being strangled by a demon almost everyime i invoked either lilith or lucifer. Later i found out that I was only talking to myself with my false twin flames voice while she wrote it down for the whole town to see. I am not questioning the messages from lilith or lucifer as i have had visions in perfect detail of the entire situation during meditation years ago but I am asking for help to end the telepathic connection. how should i proceed?

Welcome to the forum. It is a rule here that all new members must properly introduce themselves, and tell us about their experience in magick.

i’m assuming that is what this long ramble is so I have edited your title.

I just started Yesterday so I need your guridlines