Telepathy Research Project a Scientific Approach

The main problem with experiments in telepathy falling short of producing adequate results is due to said experiments being based on misconceptions about telepathy rather than the reality.

Contrary to popular belief, telepathy is not mind reading. It’s communication, and must be treated as such. A person can’t just simply hold a shape in one’s mind and expect the other party to somehow know what it is. This doesn’t work because it’s not communicating it’s an attempt at mind reading.

Telepathy is composed of a communication between a sender and receiver. Not unlike a conversation where one person actively speaks and the other passively listens. There is a direction of flow of information. When one person is speaking and the other attempts to speak the flow is disrupted and of course if both parties are listening there is no flow at all.

In telepathy there is the speaker known as the sender and the listener known as the receiver.

Another misconception is that if the burden is on the receiver to get an accurate result or to accurately describe the sent information. This is false, the burden of course is on the sender to effectively send information. If in a conversation the speaker is unclear then it is by no means the fault of the listener for not hearing correctly.

It’s up to the sender to insure that the information is properly communicated to the receiver. The receiver should never be concerned about results. This is for two reasons the first is it’s not their job to be responsible for the transmission of information. The second reason is if the receiver is focused on the result then they are dividing their attention and not as focused on the information being sent. This is much like a student who daydreams during a lecture, he misses vital points of information because his mind is preoccupied.

The sender must remain focused on making sure the information is clear and understandable. The sender is the active party who must visualize and formulate and produce a clear image, feeling, or thought. When the sender doesn’t do this it’s like a lazy speaker who mumbles instead of using clear language and easily decipherable language.

Although the role of the receiver is passive it is not without effort. The receiver can’t allow their mind to wander or their imagination to run and cloud their perception with their own ideas for what the information could be. They can’t be guessing because to guess is an active imagination and not a passive listening. Like mentioned above the receiver can not be daydreaming about what the speaker could be wanting to say but must be paying close attention to what is being said. The receiver must keep his mind blank and open yet focused on the senders information and not imaginations, guesses, curiosities or outside influences that could distract from the information it’s self.

This research is not about proving or disproving the existence of mental telepathy. In this research we make the assumption that it does in fact exist. To prove or disprove the existence of verbal communication amongst individuals who do not know how to verbally communicate or prove or disprove the existence of verbal communication between two individuals who speak completely different languages would be a useless and futile endeavor. Leading to a type one error or false negative inevitably. The same is true of telepathic communication.

Both parties must be well aware of how to communicate and be speaking the same language.
For this reason the research is based on the assumption that telepathic communication is possible and the emphasis is placed on developing the appropriate methods, and techniques or common language from which communication can take place.
The existence of telepathic communication presents it’s self just as the existence of verbal language becomes self evident when both parties can effectively speak and listen, and communication takes place.

Let us for a moment imagine what it was like for early hominids first developing language. The idea that verbal communication could be achieved was not even a working concept in the mind of the primate. The only evidence of verbal communication was grunts and sounds that over time became more complex and well defined enough to be recognized as words that represented concepts or ideas. The constructs had not yet been formed. Language was an evolutionary process. We must accept these facts about telepathic communication as they had applied to verbal communication. However we do have one advantage that early hominids didn’t have and that is the preconception that such a communication can happen. And so the early hominids grunting and unaware that they could one day develop and evolve into something with a verbal language differ from us in that we are aware that we can in the future develop our grunts into a language. We know that by focusing on our grunts and sounds and advancing and developing them with greater complexity and sophistication we can take control of the evolutionary process and create language something that early humans would have never even conceived of.

I invite those interested in to follow this thread and explore the possibilities with us. In another thread I had given a format for the practice of telepathy in the form of a game. Since the results were phenomenal I will do the same here.


A great example is ASL. The first 2 semesters were the hardest because we sign from receivers perspective. You literally have to imagine what it looks like from the point of view of the person you are signing to.


Following with great interest


So the next phase of this is to explain, best I can, what I have developed to be the process of telepathic communication we will be doing.

When a child learns to talk or even an adult learning a new language learns to speak said language, it takes all one’s focus and attention. It’s only after sufficient practice and experience does one become proficient or fluent in it enough to do it while multitasking.

I like to start with a meditation that not only brings one into the right brainwave state but also helps to remove distraction and bring focus to the mind.

I developed the original void meditation to be a general multipurpose meditation. I think it helps to do exactly what is needed for this work.

When you have completed the meditation and dissolved yourself into the void remember in addition to keeping the eyes closed not to move your arms or limbs or to visualize yourself or imagine yourself moving. The whole purpose of dissolving the body in the void is to prevent desynchronization of the sensorimotor rhythms or the Mu waves. Why it is this way I have no fucking clue, although I believe it has something to do with maintaining an alpha wave closer to the sort that is active in the frontal central lobe rather than the occipital lobe because of the visualization involved and that we want the brain to behave closer to the activity of REM sleep. I’m guessing it has something to do with the way our brain forms the visuals of dreams in a passive way. Not that it’s in that state but just closer to it. But that’s all just me guessing and I don’t own an EEG and have nothing to go on as far as hard evidence. But I did discover through trial and error that this is the case. That telepathic communication is less profound and accurate when we are moving around or even thinking about it as well as other types of psychic work so I jumped to the conclusion.

Now of course when we go to play this game we will need to open our eyes and type and all that stuff but not while we are in the act of sending and receiving which is why we indicate when we are ready then close our eyes and send receive etc. Also nobody is going to do the entire void meditation every single time because that would take all day but when we do the initial void meditation and are in The void we can give ourselves a suggestion by saying I can reach this state again simply by counting down from 3 to 1. Then when we are going to send or receive we can just close our eyes, count down 3 to 1 and be where we want to be. Then do the work and then come back out to type and all that again. Next I will go ahead and explain how to do the sending and receiving and how the game is played.


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Research it may be, but if you’re conducting telepathy experiments with the ad hoc assumption that telepathy is taking place, then the experimentation is by definition unscientific; in scientific data analysis, the null hypothesis (the assumption no telepathy is taking place) is the ad hoc for the purpose of demonstrating how anomalous the experiment’s consistent findings are with that null hypothesis, should you procure consistent and significant findings.


If I may add to this what I’ve noticed during my own practice using your guide above:
It is best if you keep your limbs away from each other and away from the rest of the body. To do that it’s best if you do this meditation while lying down.
For some reason, it helps.
I assume it has something to do with (avoiding) energy circulation. It’s the same posture some people use during OOB.


Yeah I get that, but due to the nature of the beast, as in we are working with something that is not physical in nature it can’t be tested or worked with in conventional ways.
For example, one could say that a human being being capable of hitting a bull’s-eye via archery does not exist or does exist.
Now we could sample a large group of people and perhaps one out of 50 hits the bull’s eye. Well then we end up assuming based on a false positive because it could have just been pure dumb luck or statistical probability. There’s absolutely no way to prove or disprove that it’s possible for a human being to hit the bull’s-eye because it’s not based on hard material but on varying non physical factors such as skill, aptitude, determination and focus, things that can’t be proven to exist in and of themselves. Now let’s take it a step further and say, like with telepathy, nobody know how to do it. Nobody in our sample has ever even shot an arrow before. So by all observation the hypothesis that a human can hit a bull’s-eye will be inevitably a rejection of the null. Indefinitely!
Therefore the entire experiment is completely useless. However we all know that it is in fact possible for a human to hit the bull’s-eye because it has been done before. Similarly people have demonstrated telepathy before. The phone rings and somehow you knew who it was calling before looking at the caller ID and it was someone you were not even expecting and haven’t even spoke to in a while.
The nature of this experiment isn’t to prove or disprove telepathy any more than would be the experiment about archery. Instead it’s to see if people who have never done archery can learn to do it based on what little information we have and produce results. It’s along the lines of taking your sample, teaching them the correct way to shoot an arrow, giving them time to develop the immeasurable nonphysical components that can not be proven in and of themselves and seeing if a result (people hitting bull’s-eye ) emerges due to the influence.
So the null hypothesis is that if people are given the skills to hit the bull’s-eye we see more bull’s-eye hits than if they are not given them. Also many scientific experiments are done with absolutely no physical evidence to suggest that a thing exists. Quantum physics was like this for over 100 years and experiments were done in thought alone, hardly scientific by any means if you ask me, yet we do have nuclear bombs. And even to this day gravity has yet to be proven to exist but yet something is causing the phenomena the mathematics is there just as the innumerable accounts of people having experienced telepathy is there. Even though it has not been proven nor can be measured by the tools science currently has. And it’s a good thing too otherwise things such as the theory of relativity which although unproven and even to this day only a theory has produced results that can be measured and that’s basically what we are doing here. We are assuming that the theory of relativity is correct and that the math will work. I agree that Quantum physics is unscientific by conventional standards but perhaps we need to reevaluate what scientific is.


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Every checklist we have devised as to the nature of something is based purely on our own experiences and observations. For example whether or not a virus is life has been a point of contention among scientists forevveerrrr.

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Also we are working under these concepts…

True Falsehoods, Law of:“It is possible for a concept or act to violate the truth patterns of a given personal universe (including a single person’s part of a consensus reality) and yet to still be ‘true,’ provided that it ‘works’ in a specific situation.” See Pragmatism, Law of and Reality, Levels of.

Pragmatism, Law of:“If a pattern of belief or behavior enables a being to survive and to accomplish chosen goals, then that belief or behavior is ‘true,’ ‘realistic,’ and/or ‘sensible’.”

Reality:(1) The result of consensus opinion. (2) That which is most comfortable and convenient to believe. (3) My universe.

Reality, Levels of:The concept (resulting from the Law of True Falsehoods) that a given idea may be “true” in some situations and “false” in others, depending upon the aspects, sections, areas or other subsets of the personal or consensus universes involved; such subsets may be considered “levels” of reality.


Perhaps both @AdamThoth and others can work on a joint project:


I was literally reading this paper 2 days ago. Deus Ex Machina? Witchcraft and the Techno-World by
Venetia Robertson. Highly recommended.

The use of Science in supernatural has been around for…well as old as humanity. Look at the use of silver dimes in voodoo. Cave paintings are A wonderful example. A supernatural conclusion to a scientific observation.