Telepathy or?

[idk if im on the right topic]
Hey everyone i’d like to ask about something that is pretty new for me.
For the context : i started an healing journey with Lord Leviathan and this include daily meditation sometimes i recieve messages but it’s more like having an idea poping up from nowhere. Last night was different because i had… A conversation ? I don’t know it was like thinking but not so at the same time + i didn’t stop thinking about Belial (who is from my experience the best advisor i’ve never knew)
At the begining i had some ideas/message the usual thing i got with Lord Leviathan this time we were talking about me wanting to work with a greek deity then the “conversation” change i felt like i wasn’t talking to Lord Leviathan but someone else idk if it was just Belial being Belial or if there was some anger ? He was telling me things about being without a master (yeah sound cliché i know) without deity then calm down and wish me luck for my (painful) healing journey.

I still struggle to see the difference between imagination & recieving real messages + this thing happen sometimes without being in meditation. Is that some kind of telepathy ? Or this clairaudience thing ? Im pretty confused about those things


It sounds like Thelepaty. Just trust your feeling about it.
For me it can come when ever messages. And i often don’t think mutch about it.

Some times ther is realy clear voices in mi thoughts like voices i never heard before.

Like “hi Addi” realy loud in my mind. :grin:

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I do a lot of channeling and invoking. A practice that can be helpful is setting times when you may meditate, etc to receive messages unless it is something really important that way you can be more prepared to communicate and be less likely to have ones talking to you whom you do not know or can’t take the time to verify. Also at the end of channeling or invoking releasing the spirit/diety back to their own life and asserting your aura as your space. With lots of channeling can come daily conversations but I find healthy boundaries important to maintain mental health and is also a great way of showing beings that you respect them and yourself.

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