Telepathy help

Hi guys, I’m new to telepathy. Is there any techniques or know-how’s to do telepathy to rely messages to my ex lover through telepathy to try to get him to keep thinking about me and come back? Or does anyone here professionally practice telepathy and could help me?

Any help greatly appreciates thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe you can evoke a spirit to help you on telepathy…but for love I recommend you Gremory

I don’t know how to evoke. Can you please dm me?

Spirits of heaven and earth can help. Messengers of the gods. Raising energy and cast it. Practice this once you’ve got it down i can help you further.

Please stop asking members to message you. You have made three posts in your two threads already, asking different members to PM you. If someone is willing to do so then they will, so there is no need to keep asking.

There are plenty of threads on this forum to answer your questions so don’t be afraid to use the search button on the upper right of the screen.


There are dozens upon dozens of materials out there for you study. Stop trying to rush in and get result immediately. You said you’re new so study like all of us had to do. If you applied yourself, you can do it on your own. We are all beginners and professionals here. Very few are willing to do the work for someone when they can do it themselves.

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How do I do this?

I know you probably don’t want to hear this but maybe you should just try doing you for awhile then finding someone else later. I know one of the hardest things is to end a longterm relationship and sometimes any relationship but it does get better and gives you time to work on and value yourself. My last breakup was a blessing in disguise and my car was totaled from the bitch so yea its hard to call that a blessing.

Anyways I don’t see why you should waste the energy to get someone back that doesn’t want you in the first place. just my 2 cents do w.e feels right tho. I know many girls and some guys are so focused on love potions and shit but I don’t see the value in that. At least not longterm. Say it all works and yor madly in love but in the back of your head you still know its all fake so whats the point, That’s just my take. Goodluck on w.e you do.


Me and my mentor worked on it before but could only push colors to each other.

That being said there are a few posts on it here @AdamThoth is good at it


Meditation. Expand your consciousness.


You can also do it with visualization. Myself and @AdamThoth played games with it. You have to find what connects you to the person. For me, it’s visualizing A form of connection.

Here’s an idea:
Visualize the person sitting in front of you. See a tube connecting your mind to theirs. Send the thought you want them to perceive as a ball of light going through the tube. Have the other do the same if you want a conversation.


Dayamn. I’m sure he’s not trying to spam. Look all I’ve heard about this forum is how great it is, but I have several posts out looking for help and even offering lessons in return. I’ve never done magick. I was a Pentecostal Christian who after getting the hell beat out of me for asking questions like, Why long denim skirts? There wasn’t even denim when Jesus kicked it. Stuff like why we buying a new PA when we know Brother Fouts family is barely making it. Stuff like why in the hell are you trying to convince me Judas Priest did back masking so their fans would commit suicide? So they can go back to working at the mill. Okay So I was agnostic…then some ancient fucking demon or watcher named Azazel strikes up a conversation with me proving to me I was schizophrenic until I ran across EA. Now he has dialog tells me how to cast spells hates my drinking and seems intent on me having higher aspirations. I wasn’t raised pagan or in magick. Forgive me and dude if we are scared to death because we had beat in our heads magick, spirits, divination take you to hell. Do I believe that now…no…but I haven’t cleared all the propaganda. All I’ve got from folks on here is keep practicing (neglecting the fact I never did) or skeptical commentary about my experience. I’m scared man, the last time anything like this happened to me 300lb bitches in denim skirts were pew jumping and speaking jibberish and I remember thinking on that pew: these motherfuckers are crazy. Then because of the hell fire and brimestone sermons I thought damn I’m going to hell for thinking that about bitches who forgot gluttony was a sin who are in the 100 meter tongue speaking hurdles. If I posted too much or folks don’t want to trade some mentoring for guitar lessons I’ll bounce. I always see the holes in this spiritual bullshit anyway, which out of respect and fear of Black Magick I’ll refrain from here.

I know, which is why I posted a friendly caution, and didn’t flag the posts for moderation. However, constantly asking every member who replies with advice to PM can easily become harassment. It has happened a lot in the past and the block on new members being able to PM was done for that specific reason.

Yes, but you are not replying to individual people asking them to PM you constantly. You simply put out a general request that anyone willing can reply to, and that is not the same thing.

Asking for a mentor is fine. It happens all the time on the forum, but it has to be understood that most of the members here are not interested in being one, because they are busy with their own magical endeavors or mundane life or whatever and it will always be their choice to make. While new members are forgiven a lot, constantly pestering regular members for PMs to the point of harassment is a sure way to get banned, and I didn’t want that to happen so my post was a polite caution and a pointer to the search bar because there is a lot of information on here that could help the OP.

Just like my favorite president break it down into Talking points. Cheers.

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