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I’ve had strong projection psychic abilities since last July. I’ve been able to project my mind into those of everyone around me (possibly everyone on earth/maybe there’s a distance limit to the ESP) which at first drove me crazy—in and out of hospitals, jails, and psychwards for the past year. I’ve begun to see my abilities as a natural gift and I’ve desired for a long time to meet people like me or to strengthen what I have. I’ve always been interested in magic and the occult since a child and I’ve read a great deal of literature on the topic from grimoires to essays. Any additional information on my journey would be more than helpful.



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Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any experience in magick or are you a complete beginner?


I am a natural telepath as well as empath. I would love to get to know someone with a similar natural gift as well as the consequences for being past the other humans in your natural understanding.

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That doesn’t answer my question. Do you have any experience in magical methodologies and techniques, such as we discuss on this forum?

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I don’t have any traditional practice. However, since the age of 5 I have practiced Magicka in my own ways. I’m sorry I don’t have traditional experience with something like a witch, but I have and know natural as well as advanced Magicka. You would be better off getting to know one of the more advanced people, however, I love to learn, so if you can share anything from your experiences that is beyond the natural scope of things, I would love to analyze it.

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We ask for people’s level of experience simply to make it easier to provide an appropriate level of advice and instruction. It’s a waste of everyone’s time to wax on about the metaphysics of the Enochian language with someone who has barely performed a candle spell, for example.

It also allows us to weigh any advice offered. A beginner trying to give someone with decades of experience advice in the evoking of spirits is wasting both their times as well.

From the sounds of it, you are a beginner. You might have some natural talent, but no actual training in magical systems or methodologies.


My apologies, I jumped in too soon. You are right I believe, I would fall under the category of beginner so, my advice might come from a good place but it isn’t the most helpful.
I appreciate you’re input and putting me in my place. I suppose I was eager to actually talk to somebody that I can relate with.
Again, I apologise for wasting time. Take care!

Being eager is perfectly okay, and understandable. We simply would like to know how best to help you find what you need, which is why we ask the questions.

i myself used to have a natural propensity for projecting my consciousness into others and seeing through their eyes, as well as being an empath, but around age 8 or 9, my Higher Self put up a shield to protect me from a tsunami of really bad stuff, and it effectively shut down my ability.

I’m making a new topic so we don’t inundate this post. It will be called New Magician Needs Help. See ya there hopefully.

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I have some experience in pact making. Some with Vashkiran black magic and I’ve read a grimoire or two. Specially Zoe’s Schecks “Demons of the Flesh: the Left Hand apathy Guide to Sex Magic.” I’ve also used sigil work and some chaos magic, making tinctures, etc.

I’d love to talk more about our mutual experiences. PM me anytime!! We can even exchange social media if you’d like.

I can’t pm yet, don’t have the privilege. How about email?
It would be great to have someone to talk to that has similar experiences.
My email is

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Welcome to balg I’ve actually been working on the magic of the mind so I’m happy to see some one who is similar to me I can’t project but I can receive a friend of mine can do the projection thing i am working on mind linking it’s not easy I wanted to see if it’s possible it’s like telepathy but a bit more

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Definitely different. I’ve mind linked with my mother. We actually know what the other is thinking at any given time. And Everytime she needs me, I’m there before she can even call me. So yes it is possible. And if you’d like to know more of my experience you can email me too.

Of course this could just be misinterpreted as the next level of telepathy, perhaps we hadn’t actually linked… But, with this experience I can only think to call it a mind link. We can project feelings and ideas and images and all sorts of other things into each other. Even if we don’t project we still receive. We have to block off our minds if we don’t want to project or recieve.

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That is the start of mind linking when you link your mind to some one you can feel what they feel in that moment hear every thought and even go as far as to talk to one another through the mind like have a full convo about your cat running into a wall or something it’s hard step process

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Thank you so much for confirming my suspicions! I did think it was the start but we both have been working very hard on it. The other night (2 nights ago) she was so excited she wouldn’t shut up while I was trying to sleep. Literally she just kept broadcasting the whole night. Everytime she would calm down and I would approach my dreams, she’d get super excited again and wake me up! Man, I wasn’t mad but, come on! I was tired xD