Telekinesis Tutorial

Ok, I’m going to give a quick tutorial that I think can benefit both the begginers and the seasoned alike.

To start off I do the original void meditation to get myself ready to the right mindset and to gain working clarity.

In addition to the main 7 chakrah there are 10 in the head chakrah and the crown and third eye are two of them. As I’m sure most of you know the other chakrah are the back of the head center the 3rd head chakrah then the 4th is the widows peak or hairline center chakrah. Then the upper left and upper right 5 and 6 and the lower left and lower right 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 are center left and center right. These are the various points where the activity will be felt and that when activated in the right ways makes the TK happen.
Methods to train the ability.
Some use the psi wheel which is usually a four-sided foil pyramid that sits with its center on the tip of a needle.
The other is the floating toothpick which is exactly as it sounds a toothpick floating in a bowl of water.
The method I use for this is to make my intention to push down the toothpick and then in the direction I want it to go. For some reason my rational mind accepts it more if it thinks we are going with gravity instead of against it so I push down on the toothpick with the psi energy directed from my finger tip and pointed downward at the toothpick.
As I push down and in my direction of choice I focus my awareness on the areas of the back, center left upper left and crown and third eye chakrah.
Let your consciousness shift into a space between ours and the void and it should work out for you.
Now the hard part is getting all this stuff to line up perfectly every time you make attempt but when it lines up it works! I thought I would share this with everyone here. This is the technique I developed that I think will benefit both the seasoned and the novice. Cheers! Also never mind the strange noises in the background it’s the TV I was watching underworld on BBC America;)


A few questions:

  1. Is that your voice? Practicing for a part? =)

  2. Where did you get the diagram for the chakras in the head? Just curious.

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No it was the voice of some character on the TV in the background. As far as the diagram the info was passed to me orally.

Also if anyone uses my technique and it helps you increase your power or helps you move something for the first time feel free to let me know. I posted this tutorial on a another forum and it helped a few people. Cheers!

Because I know about this. 10 chakra points for clairaudience, 6 for astral sight, some temple chakras, etc. Also, the top center head chakras are 3 and are associated with 3 iching Hexagrams which are within the last several iching hexagrams of the 64 in another system.


Cool. Just wondering if you could make a visual diagram so it would be easier to visualize them. Just like comparing notes…maybe put togethor a more complete chakra map of the body.

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That sounds good I might draw something up and we can try to label them.

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I thought I would upload a few more demonstrations then perhaps some of you might give it a go and see for yourselves.
More than simply believing it is possible one must know that it is possible for you. I’m not saying it wont take time to get to the point of knowing it will but that’s the process.
The first video I put up was my warm up and not a lot of action until I get in the zone so I clipped out the video and loaded it back up. Now it’s just the good movement and the warming up cut out so you don’t have to sit there waiting all day to see my brain activate.

Have had some results make a pendulum shake with this method. So a shoutout to Adam.

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Different ability but still proving magic is real.

Vids are unavailable :frowning:

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So do u have to train your chakras before u do this or can u do it it just takes a decent amount of time.

It’s just something people can learn to do. It’s like riding a bike, there’s no real way to explain it it’s just something you have to learn by doing. But I’m officially bowing out of this whole area of the occult because it’s just not something the world, even the occult world is ready to accept. There are hundreds of people on the internet doing it and attempting to teach it just google search it.

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I easily learned telekinesis. I just used the free information from JOS.
I did it w/o even going into a trance. Also, I wasn’t even “advanced”, and it still worked.

I tried to watch that video, but it says it’s private. How can I watch it then?