Techology X files

The original universe i came from when i soul traveled and i accidently inhabit this body in this paralel universe, the techology created by say people of this word, are actually designed by Aliens a cyborg android like syths looking like humans with flesh and blood Alien robot within to deliver this Universe on or planet Earth new forms of Technology, part from the Texas size Asteroid going to hit us not to worry.

Now in the other Parallel Universe i came from, i was stupid enough to fly too close to a Black Hole, on that Earth these kinds of Technology would never existed, that Chinese Guy Jensen the one who came up with Zaphia Driving thing and Quadro GV100 he isnt what everyone thinks he is, Hes made up of more techoloy than human, why who on Earth can create Billions of cuda core on a little GPU, impossible for any human even with the tinyest tools impossible, so Jensen is supernatral Robot descised as human, using Telepothy to create Technology.

And as for game developers, their Alien human like cyborgs as well.