Technologically Enhanced Scrying Mirrors & Other Ritual and Spiritual Devices

I need to get this out there, as that I am convinced this is possible. And the more I think about it, this definitely belongs under the “Omnipotence” thread. Having collected a large mental repository of entities who can help in such a venture, including one from The BOA. I am also looking for input, experiences, and anything else that may help with what I am concocting in my cauldron of madness. :slight_smile:
Many of you know that I have recommended dead LCD screens for scrying and that I have devised my own formula for “high performance” scrying mirrors. I am actually in the middle of my Gen II scrying mirror manufacture and will attempt to place them on consignment at some of the local occult shops.
I am convinced that the spiritual powers we work with on our own time, are capable of being transmuted and funneled into our work in a very real and usable sense. For instance, scrying mirrors with fields built around them, using electronics and other worldly sciences, mingled with sigils, crystals, metals, and specific shapes can give rise to an entirely new form of science. The crossing of the bridge, so to speak. Using a confucksion of earthly sciences and spiritual sciences to build unheard of devices. Scrying mirrors that need very little help from the operator to work. Gateways that can swallow up whole cities. Forms of power and lighting that need no source of constant concentration or obvious source or energy, they simply are. Machines that can assist in psychic surgery and healing, computers that can plug right into the akashic records. Encyclopedia Britannica? Pshh, we’ve got access to the entire Akashic Record! Droid apps that can open a scrying window that anybody can use, not just the spiritually inclined. Shit that would make our personal lives a billion times easier to focus more and more on our ascent, and of course give us more and more power over the physical worlds.
This has been a dream of mine for a long long time. Since I was a kid, I would daydream about such machines and devices.
Today, I have come to the realization that, if this dream is ever to come to fruition through my own works and interests and the works of others and their interests, now is the time to at least start talking about it - here, at BALG. With this forum, and all of you, with EA as our guide and mentor. If there ever was a time and a gathering of people with the capacity to dig into this and really see this new re-birth of spiritual technology flower and flourish, this is definitely one of them.
I’m throwing the lines out there, and hopefully I can get some bites. Who else is into this or down for supporting this? Would anybody be down with actually starting a project, working with some of the more knowledgeable entities for this work, and getting some legitimately cool shit going?
I see the responses going either way here. To me, the timing is nearly perfect for such a project. Granted there are things we all need to do, and I’m definitely still working up to getting The BOA mastered - but two of the keys for such a venture are already in place, with the timing appearing to be getting ready to lock in too … so, I’m really just testing the waters to see where everyone else is at with something like this.
Thoughts? Ideas? Proposals?


This sounds awesome, I’m in.

Dude you might think I’m coming from left field here but evoke Nyarlathotep if you have any experience with the lovecraftian mythos. This shit is right up his alley. I’ve never been mechanically inclined so a lot of what went on with that entity never really stuck with me aside from some other stuff he told me about. I’m in but I figured I’d make that advice my initial contribution. He said himself it’s rare for people to fully grasp what he has to offer in terms of knowledge so you might just be able get something out of him most people can’t.

DKM you are truly our lovable “mad genius”!! I’m am utterly impressed with both your passion for this project & your obvious knowledge. Truth be told, I’m a bit of an airhead when it comes to advanced sciences, but I’m 100% behind you on this. Can’t think of a single practical thing I can offer you, but SUPPORT your efforts? You betcha! :wink: Z

Don’t forget photos once you’re done :wink:

I certainly feel you are on the right track here…I wish I could be more of a help but I await more involvement with becoming more knowledgeable with BOA and its functions.

I will add that yesterday listening to a youtube of Steven Qualye he stated that they already have made the soulcatcher chip…where they input this chip behind the eye and then they can download everything you see as well as download all of your memory bank,then when you are ready to leave this body your info can be put into another body…he mentioned that they were considering doing DNA on Ramses II and recreating him…now I did not understand completely whether this is a kind of robot body or another physical body…but either is feasible at this point…all this is saying that mankind is almost extinct…with robots taking over…Also I can see with E A’s announcement yesterday about the select gathering in the future…there will come a confrontation between two opposing forces, those that want to control the world and keep access to the above type of info and only give it out to a select, chosen few, with the other side consisting of those that will work to develop this talent that mankind has been given through the teaching that E A is making available.

I offer any support I can.


Damn Yeah,

I’ve been the same kind of you since childhood.

The idea of merging physical sciences with occult sciences could bring the impossible to the face of this earth.

I think it may not be as far as we can see it from this single moment.

If I am not wrong, there is a Nether in BOA who can teach you about another planets and places in universe,
which indeed hold life similar to ours.

So I suppose regarding this, some of them will be in an lower evolutive stage than ours, some of them in the same, and other very advanced.

Perhaps they’re using this kind of devices right now.

In my opinion the next evolutionary jump in Mankind as we know it, it could only arrive with a jump in conciousness, perhaps making all this possible within a middle-range future.

But, anyways a fascinating idea that perhaps it’s a reality in some other places.

Furthermore, Do you know Teftin?

Apparently it’s a planetery spirit from the Sphere of Kether that it’s all about technology and how can you use it, improve it and develop it.

Also there is another Nether in BOA who deals with mechanical issues.

Maybe they could offer assistance.

Absolutely! I either dogear any such entity, or try to contact them right away. In the BOA, the mechanics name is Maktalahn. I def have him on my list :slight_smile: heh
Also, I totally agree w you on the ET tech perspective. In fact, there is tell of drones that have souls sealed to them. Machines you can dock your consciousness to and the like.

[quote=“DKM, post:8, topic:215”]Absolutely! I either dogear any such entity, or try to contact them right away. In the BOA, the mechanics name is Maktalahn. I def have him on my list :slight_smile: heh
Also, I totally agree w you on the ET tech perspective. In fact, there is tell of drones that have souls sealed to them. Machines you can dock your consciousness to and the like.[/quote]

Well if you have ever read whitley Striebers book “the key” the mystery man who spoke with whitley known as the master of the key has said that human souls can be used as components in “concious machines”. Apparently some of the less scrupulous visitors like to go out and harvest the souls of people for that purpose.

This is supported by an account in Nick Redferns book “Final Events” in which a man who started to have a typical nearth death experience was ripped away from it by what appeared to be ufo’s, these ufo’s seemed to be harvesting what appeared to be human souls. So perhaps he stumbled upon the vistors soul black market when that happened.

The visitors have already acheived what were all striving for and apprently they to have their own variations of left hand and right hand paths along with everything inbetween. The soul stealing visitors may be some examples of their equivelent of LHP practitioners.

Interesting. I have The Key, but I’ve only read through to the part where the visitor knocks on his hotel room door. I’m going to have to dig more into that book. Things like this intrigue me

Maybe Belphegor could be of some use. He’s the one you need for new inventions :wink:

Nice, I think I’m going to have to take roll on some of these entities. A few of you have mentioned some that I have not yet heard of or considered. Thanks Bran :slight_smile:

What is it that allows for these powers? Brainwaves and mental states. That is where I would begin my research.

I was thinking that as well. However, there has been some unique research such as the Hutchison Effect, Rhine Research Center, William Tiller’s work, and of course the Noetic group. Many of these have indicated that certain magnetic and electric fields when tuned properly can produce paranormal-type effects that are heavily related to intention. Which, to me, and many of the researchers, believe this also means it’s related to spiritual phenomena.
Still - I agree that mind state is a good portion of it.
oh yeah - duh, what kinda man am I? I almost forgot to include Nikola Tesla. face-palm
But yeah - I think there may be ways to meet half way. But once you do, amplifying these effects and abilities … ooooh man, I’m drooling again. :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds like interesting stuff. I tried the scrying a dead LCD screen thing, but honestly I found aluminum foil to work much better for me. I’ve also been using an old flashlight that sometimes flickers in place of candles, but that is hardly high tech, although I suppose my tools would be considered high tech compared to medieval stuff.

What is BOA?

Book of Azazel

If you are interested, this sounds exactly like my:

Whatever aid I can offer, I will. I am a tinkerer, but not to advanced. Let me know if I can help