Have you ever tried out some let’s say “virtual” magic, let’s say sending stuff trough whatsapp or even mail?
I made this thread for us to share experiences on that subject since I don’t see much of this in the forum

As an example I am sharing some easy “virtual magic” I did which worked nicely

first of all I have to explain a girl was trying to blackmail a friend of mine, I got her whatsapp number, and at some crucial moment I sent her trough an anonymous number three different pictures of crashed planes, while I was using as avatar a picture of three termites.
this simple thing worked, somehow her plans didn’t work and then I made something to remove her, but that’s another story.

how does it work
crushed planes were symbolic of failure in her plans and the termites were symbolizing that something or someone (me) is corroding her, her ambitions, her structure etc.

I know it might sound silly but it was effective
have any of you tried something like this to share?

Virtual shrines.

Sites like can be used to make them. They’re made with images and a description of the entity and linked to your accounts.

Similar, shrines in private discord servers with channel for each entity, you can send images that remind you of them and send prayers etc.

Cool, I use some well chosen tumblrs to be aware of some things around me
As I use mine in a way of a small shrine :slight_smile:

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