Technique for Banishing Succubus

Well, a few weeks ago with the help of @Shemoos, there were a few techniques i did to banish a succubus once it for all off my life

-One way to banish a spirit is using your sheer force of Will, you have to overpower the spirit with your determination
-Remember everything that hurts to remember about the succubus (the bad experiences), remind yourself of every bit of pain that she made you suffer/every moment she stood on your way to hinder your progress,
-After that say it out loud, tell her that you banish her, that you´re tearing apart all attachments with her, and that she´s not welcomed back
-Put your will into every word said, feel it, overpower her once it for all

Be sure that you´re really really annoyed with her and that you really want to ditch her out of your life

In Summary:

.Gather your thoughts
-Collect all your will
-Sit down and write everything she did to you
-Do the banishing as soon as possible

Again i want to thanks @Shemoos (you can consult him if you have any doubts about this process), and with trial and error, i managed to get rid of a succubus i had that was hindering my magical progress