Tears of the dark gods

’'It is a dark day full of celebration, the harvest has come to pass and now we are enjoying the feast, have you celebrated the new moon? danced in its darkness?’’
—Azazel and unknown entity

at this point I become surrounded by dark entities, they’re not menacing but they are crowding around. I get the feeling that I am a guest of honor, a new royal being welcomed.
Recently I have been working with many of the darker aspects of the goetic gods we have come to know and love.
Many of them dawn their best dress and ceremonial horns on so-called special nights, as I assume this one is. Azazel and Belial show me flashes of their current dress, Azazel with his black goat horns adorned in silver and Belial with horns like an antelope or a dragon, gleaming with a dim flame.
One thing that I had always noticed about working with entities is their eyes. Azazel’s on this night is dark, with a fiery nebula Reflecting deep within them. From his eyes dripped nectar-like substance that he let fall into a cup before presenting the cup to me. I accept.

I don’t know how to interpret this and they seem to be pushing me to write it in my gRimoiRe. will update if anything else happens.


This is beautiful…

thank you, i’m still trying to look into the deeper meaning behind it all. if you have any ideas PLEASE post them.