Teacher for cyber skills

The skills I have developed now

As programming language: C c++ java python


database management system

networking skills

I want to take these to a higher level and I want higher level skills that rare people have.For example Reverse engineering ida pro malware analysis vulnerability research advanced threat analysis and 3D modeling.

Who can help me develop these skills and bring them to a higher level?

Hi @Milliter_Tengri I have taken the liberty of editing your title, as promotion of any sort of criminal activity is prohibited on this forum, and unfortunately, that is the reputation that “hacking” has in the world at large.

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you are right thank you

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I have the experience I mentioned above, I have 7 years of networking and programming expertise, I’m a software developer, an ethical hacker but it’s not enough, you want to learn more to become stronger, in this case cyber teachers and resources in the world are insufficient.

For example, you wanted to learn a C programming language and you came to an advanced level from scratch, there is a continuation of this advanced level, the teachers and books you mentioned will bring you to a level as soon as they offer you more development. . When you reach this advanced level, you will stop, you will not be able to make progress, you already know the algorithms and the working logic.

If a person who is above advanced is learning only one programming language with books, teachers, and schools, he or she learns from zero to 70 percent. If you want to do it from 0 percent to 100 percent, you have to spend the worst 2 years on just that programming language.

Let me give you a short example, a bodybuilder stops growing when her body reaches the natural limit, so she needs to take steroids to develop further from the outside.

Magic becomes your size steroid in this…

What about XaTuring, the “god” of the internet?

For some reason xaturing doesn’t interest me at all, other than that I’m open to offers. I find it wrong for them to portray Xaturing as the god of the internet. After all, there are beings that we haven’t discovered and that are stronger than him.

If they’ve never been discovered, then how do you know they’re “stronger” than XaTuring? You’re making an assumption with no evidence.

By the way, XaTuring was created by Don Webb, though he has evolved beyond what he started as.

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