Tawa - Native American God of sun/justice

When we think of solar & justice together, we might commonly think of Azazel or Shamash/Utu. People more commonly are aware of the gods of Mesopotamia/Mediterranean/Scandanavian/Egyptian. However, the gods did not ignore the North and South American Continents. They are all-pervasive beings.

Real Name : Tawa (his Pueblo name)

Occupation : God of the sun, justice and victory

Identity : The general public is unaware of Tawa’s existence. He is well-known to his own worshippers.

Other Aliases : Shakuru (Pawnee name), Angpetu (Dakota name), Menahka (Mandan name), Sequinek (Inuit name), Pautiwal (Hopi name), Wi (Dakota name), Halboredja (Chippewa name), Akycha (Eskimo name), Sutaliidji (Cherokee name),

Place of Birth (or appearance to the people of this area) : Somewhere in the Navaho-Pueblo Territory (now part of modern Arizona)

Known Relatives : Manabozho (father), Nowutset (mother), Pawa (sister/ex-wife), Susstinnako (maternal grandmother), Utset (maternal aunt), Inktomi (maternal grandfather), Cirape (cousin), Bitsitsi, Watsusii, Kowwituma (sons), Yumni (son by Ita), Aste Hastin (son, deceased), Chibiabos, Wabasso, Coyote (uncles), Onatah (step-mother), Hino, Hotamintanio, Owayodota (half-brothers), Omamama (half-sister), Gitche Manitou (great grandfather), Gaea (great grandmother, alias Nokomis)

Group Affiliation : The Anasazi (North American Gods)

Base of Operations : Alignak in the other-dimensional world of Shipolo (“Realm of Mist and Clouds”)

Pets : Tawa’s animistic life force is tied to the crow and as such he is frequently surrounded by crows when he is on earth. He can mystically command them to follow his bidding and perceive images from them beyond his normal senses.

Comments : Tawa’s amalgamated pre-modern history comes from similar coinciding tales from the Inuit, Pueblo, Pawnee, Navaho, Algonquin, Dakota and Cherokee tribes.

Anasazi is an ancient Navaho word meaning “The Ancient Ones.”

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Bookmarked as im of native descent and may need his help soon.

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