I’m planning to get a tattoo.
I was thinking to Lucifer Sigil.
My question is:
After you got a Sigil tattoo, anything changed in your life?
Did you feel anything at energy level?
… or nothing happened?



By doing that you are prety much binding and aligning yourself to lucifer for as long as you live. Not much else to say, just heard a lot talk about it while ago.

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That’s how I heard it too. It’s like having a permanent doorway open for him, as if you are invoking him 24/7

I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I have sigils I keep against my body all day but I can take them off whenever I want.


Have you tried drawing it on your body… im planning on getting one myself, and this was suggested to me .

I find my heart races during the day as if I’ve downed red bull - i dont consciously think about it being there but the extra energy flow is noticeable !


E.A. explains this in his video below:

I draw sigils on me with a black marker. They either wash off or wear/fade away naturally. This is my type of temporary tattoo.


I did few weeks ago a tattoo of Lucifer. Of his famous statue to be more precise. And i am adding next week his seal and sigil as well on the other side of my arm. Would let you know if i feel anything.

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You will find my tattoo photo if you search the forum. At least in three topics. :slight_smile: