Sooo, when I read modern magick by Donald Micheal kraig , he made me buy a tarot deck (the hermetic tarot by the secret order of the Golden Dawn ) and its super beautiful full of symbolism , just lovely. But the book only takes you so far , any suggestions on a gooood book(s) to learn more about the tarot?

This is my first thread so I’m sorry if there already is one on this topic :slight_smile:

IMO the books are basic for a reason…tarot is based on the readers interpretation of the cards

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If I remember correctly, there’s an exercise in Modern Magick in which you “scan” each Tarot card to learn about them.

You can also travel into them and let the card itself teach you.


I practice divination with tarot about every other day in my life and the big thing you must do is allow your intuition to flow while using them.

No intuition = no divination.

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Try to do readings and see what you understand from the cards and if it’s accurate :slight_smile: That’s the best way to learn it.

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Thanks y’all :yellow_heart:

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