(Tarot) What’s the meaning of this?

Also, keep this in mind regarding the Capricorn, and for you Scorpio, because once they transit Libra theyll be in Scorpio or Aqauarius:

Current Moon Phase: Waxing gibbeous Capricorn 17o15’
Current transits:
Sun - Virgo
Mercury - Virgo
Mars - Virgo
Venus - Libra
Jupiter - Capricorn RETROGRADE
Saturn - Aquarius

You have problems larger than you or her. Its in the stars/planets.

However, there is Goetia and Shemhamphoresh that can ovcerride these complications. In fact, from the minors, I can give you the names.

I really dont understand these but who will help me from Shemhamphoresh ?

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Angels. Armies of them.

Competition just means something else is vying for her attention :heart:

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The opportunity of goal of the travels may be the competition, just a man behind the scenes.

The meanings here depend on your mind and what you plan to do. You mentioned that you are willing to curse any competitors. I will interpret the cards with this in mind.

6 of Swords - transitions, leaving something behind for new lands
Wheel of Fortune - cycles, major changes and movement in life
Ace of Wands - a new spark of fire

9 of Cups - material, emotional satisfaction and security
The Hanged Man, R - unwillingness to let go, unwillingness to let obsolete, unneeded things die
3 of Wands, R - closing of vision, obfuscation or clouding, confusion

The Devil - individuality, illusions; both freedom and being locked in chains
The Star, R - blockage of your true desires, potentially by others
The World - completion, wholeness in movement
Knight of Cups - the bringer of emotional satisfaction, one who fights to become King/Queen

King of Cups - emotional maturation, wisdom, strength
10 of Wands - achievement, and the burdens that remain
3 of Swords - heartbreak, sadness, the mind overcoming emotions

Books with curses - Magickal Attack and Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield


I mean who? Like Michael, Gabriel or others?

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Each of the Goetic angels/demons and each one of the Shem angels occupy 10 degrees of a zodiacal house cusp.
Therefore, it is possible that either can help in a given situation.

Just pointing out possibility for love.