Tarot troubles

Could my cards be reflecting my subconscious worries instead of being helpful ? I guess in a way the readings are pulling up your subconscious how you read and divine them… I’m in a situation where to me the course is clear, but then I keep getting readings from the cards saying wait, wait… I can’t decide if this is just my fears or a genuine advice…

Last night’s pull for instance (3 cards for the advice, 1 card for outside influence)

considering the ace of swords is the outside influence, proceed with caution. Try diving deeper with advanced spreads as well.

Given that the spread related to a field inspection today (owned by the army) … I have somewhere to go, but it would be in my favour for the inspection to go badly (for various complex reasons) … would you still -on initial impressions- think that it is actually a warning to me or a reflection of the inspection?