Tarot readings FOR FRIENDS

My last thread exploded, and I still want to give out tarot readings, I just don’t want to have as much of a heavy workload.

So, here are my rules. If you are my friend, or if you are a random person who can give me something in return, you can ask for a reading here.

If you are neither of these, then please do not ask for a reading, unless you are extremely desperate. I will be mad at you.

For my friends, if you ever have an issue and you need a fresh pair of eyes, or just some guidance, I’m always here. This is where you ask for that kind of stuff.the basically consider anyone I’ve held a decent conversation with a friend. It could even be one conversation. I just have to know you.

For strangers, feel free to offer anything, but usually these things would come in the form of knowledge or divination trades. You’re not going to give me anything physical, maybe you’ll heal me or something.as long as I feel like I’m getting something out of the trade, then I’d be more than happy to trade.

the reason I’m doing this is so I get less of a workload, and I get people who I already know and trust.

And if you want your results to be in pms, just ask me to pm you the results. Do not actually pm me.

Let’s see if this works!