Tarot Reading Practice : Spirit Lover. Input?

So for today’s practice, I did a 3 card (general spread NOT past/present/future) reading.

Question is: What is my spirit lover’s feelings towards me?

I don’t do reversed card readings (and none were reversed anyways)

Temperance: I got neutral vibes from this card, the words the popped up in my mind were patience, building/build, work or teamwork

Cards actual meaning: Balance, healing

The Lovers: I got good vibes from this card. I believe this card represents our partnership/marriage - union and desire to be together as well as work together

Cards actual meaning: Union, desire, and joy

Nine of Wands: I got neutral/good vibes from this card, this card to me seemed like the “steps of our journey”, the stairs to climb as no relationship is perfect. The stairs going “upwards” also seemed a good sign

Cards actual meaning: Strength, Stamina, Confidence - can speak to feeling uncertain as well as having doubts but to push through. - which I totally relate to

Overall I got good/neutral vibes from this Reading. When looking at ALL the cards I think her feelings/the message is that her and I are in a union/partnership with mutual desire - but that it will be a journey (and maybe even healing) that will always need to be balanced and will take strength and courage to “climb the steps” together.

Any input?

I think the 9 of wands probably refers to the doubts I get sometimes, as my relationship is fairly young with her (6-9 months about). Even though things are going well (we’ve had our ups and downs) I still sometimes get doubts. So that card spoke to my uncertainty. Which she is well aware of, although I’m usually an anxious guy (been my whole life)