Tarot reading exchange

I would like to offer Tarot reading exchange.
One question. Celtic cross. You can pm me or write your question here.
It can be also pendulum if you prefer.
Five people.

It sounds intriguing. Do you want to PM the details of your question or discuss here?

Sounds good. Can you do a general reading for me? Via PM?

Sounds great… Question: what do my next six months look like?

I will PM the details of my question. Youn can ask yours here, or PM me.

Sure. Will PM you with my question. Ask yours here or PM.

Ok. Do you want your answer here or PM?

Doesn’t matter to me if you want you can answer here

What is the purpose of asking a question?

I didn’t understand your question in PM. If you’re going to exchange a reading for an answer to your question, it might as well be a question that makes sense to me, and that I at least have a shot at knowing the answer!