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So I have visited so many sites looking for meaning for tarot cards and each website and slightly different meaning. How did you guys first know the meaning of the cards. Where did you guys get the meaning of the cards?

Each deck comes with a booklet of what the author puts with each card, however a lot of cards follow the Rider Waite layout. So that’s how people know the meanings of the cards.


I really like the definitions in this book if you’re using a deck based on Rider Waite

This book is pretty comprehensive. Once I used it a fair bit I started to get my own “understanding” and symbolism from the cards.


Every deck comes with a little white booklet (LWB). These are notorious for being awful and sucking hardcore. Ignore.

There aren’t many tarot reading certification organizations anymore and all of the US-based ones are gone. However, all of those and even books aimed at learning encourage you to develop your own set of keywords over time. This is why there is such a variety, although if you compare multiple sources you can understand what exactly each card means.

The way I did this was to pull up the following sources, compare how they were similar and different, and then developed it from there. Some keywords I crossed out and revised as with practice I discovered a different word was more fitting:

If you have the funds, I recommend this book because they go in depth with the symbolism used on each card. The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot https://www.amazon.com/dp/0738735795/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_J7pWDbBWWZ5WA

Biddy Tarot Learn the Tarot Card Meanings | Biddy Tarot

Joan Bunning has a free course as well as keywords of the cards on her website Individual Tarot Cards


If you scroll to the bottom, there’s a link taking you to the reverse meanings too.

On Bunning’s website again, there’s the story of The Fool’s Journey for the Major Arcana The Fool's Journey

Aeclectic has a wonderful resource for finding tarot spreads The Complete Tarot Spreads Collection - 75% Off Special Offer

The most important thing for you to do in order to learn is practice, practice, practice! You can get familiar with the cards by either doing a spread daily or meditate on one a day. You didn’t mention what deck you are using, but I’d recommend getting RWS or a clone like Radiant RWS as you learn. If you want my keywords, let me know.

If you need help interpreting, feel free to reach out. Enjoy your tarot journey.


Look up on youtube for the 21 faces of god, its a comprehensive video on the major arcana cards. Its im both episodes and long movie format, free to watch.

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Taro cards represent energies! Took me years and years before I came across this knowledge.

Don’t read books. Read the cards! After some time you could read Alfred Douglas’ The Tarot.


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Agreed, most of those little booklets are awful, quite frankly. Rider-Waite was created by Golden Dawn members, and if you know your religious symbolism, you have an advantage. Still, Love, what is your intuition telling you?


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Thanks for the great advice

I truly hope you find the answer that you seek. More importantly, I want you to be well and be at peace.

At first, do not let anyone else handle your cards. They need to bind with you, and you only. You can keep them in a piece of silk cloth, or a box. Try to handle them as much as possible. Think of them as if they are a newborn that you are bringing home for the first time. Negativity will affect your cards.

Crystals around your cards during a reading can help concentrate energies and ward away negativity. Also, if anyone ever tries to perform a reading without placing protective prayers before a divination, disregard the reading. A protective prayer should be the first step, as it will help to eliminate interference from not so well meaning spirits.

May peace be upon you and your house always.


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