Tarot expert advice needed

Greetings tarot experts!

I am calling out to you today for advice as I have very limited knowledge/personal experience with tarot.

For the past month “The Devil” card has been drawn in every reading I have completed for myself as well as popping up during internet research into the subject.

So my question to our wonderful minds here is:
Is there a hidden meaning/interpretation in regards to this cards recurrence?

Thank you in advance for any advice that can be shared!

Love and peace to you all!

It represents the traps we put on ourselves but are scared to leave (think of things like addictions, patterns of thought that hinders you, bad situations you are scared to leave because they are familiar). It is a major so it either will be a long lasting effect or it is something that has been carried for a long time depending on the spread. It also is associated with Capricorn.

And with its frequency, I would say yes and is something to be reflected on


You have to notice the positions it appeared at
Im not really sure how to explain it so i guess i will give you an example
Try to make the conections
Example asking for different aspects in life the devil card shows up in the “work” position
So maybe you are limited in options there feeling enslaved to a work you dislike probably only for the profit as it indicates materialism as well
Now on the secons spread lets say it appeared on a relationship spread indicating the comunication your lover has towards you
In this case you could interpret the card as your lover feeling unable to comunicate to you like in bondage unable to speak freely fearing maybe your reaction
Now lets say in a third spread the devil card appear on a solving problem reading as root of the matrer
Now the connection you should searsh for as the energy of the card if obviously present is:
Is my work condition in anyway the cause why my lover is afraid of telling me some things?
Maybe your lover notices tge work situation and is afraid or does not know how to talk to you about the subject
Now in the third spread it was the root of the problem. Lets say the problem is your life getting to chaotic
Then ask yourself
Is it getting chaotic not only for ignorance as the devil card suggest but also because of your situation at your work
And also the lack of comunication of your lover

Sorry i had to give an example instead of explaining it. But i guess you will understand

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Well it could mean a dozen different things. I’d need to know the layout you read them by and do you have your own interpretation of the card or do you go by the standard definition.

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Thank you for the responses! @Dralukmun @Teodoro_Fortunato

@OZZcln I use the Celtic cross as it’s the only one I know and one card draw.

I have meditated on this and a voice came through to me (I’m not sure who) and it suggested that rather than searching for the meaning of the card to determine why it keeps appearing I should “look for its story”

I tried to communicate back however I got no response so instead I clicked into google “devil tarot story” and the first link that shows was this…

I felt a strong vibration when reading this story of the devil card and I experienced a strong sense of excitement.

Love and peace to you all!

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