Tarot divination for spell (3 card spread)

Hello, I’m planning on asking tarot cards a few questions about a spell I’m considering to perform.

I have difficulty deciphering tarot cards and what they might mean for me even though I look the meanings up online. So I am looking for help in that area.

The Spell: Friendship spell for minor celebrity and myself. He lives far from me and I’m not looking to meet him as of yet. I just want to befriend him online.

I want to ask three questions and pull three cards. One card for each answer.

  1. Will the spell be successful?
  2. Should I do this spell?
  3. What will happen if I do this spell and it is successful? (Asking this because I am concerned about possible issues in the future with this person. I don’t know much about them personally.)

Should I state that the divination is for the spell out loud? Or should I just ask the tarot those questions without further explanation? I will do the latter and I will see what happens. I’m drawn to the latter.

  1. Seven of Pentacles
  2. The Sun
  3. Six of Wands

They are all NOT upside down. They are the top side up.

I’ve looked up the meanings and they are positive. Still any other comments are appreciated.


The Seven of Pentacles is called “The Lord of Success Unfulfilled.”

  1. The Seven of Pentacles is saying that the spell will not be successful because you will be missing something, or the ritual does not generate sufficient energy to have a changing effect.

  2. This is interpreted as being a positive card, but it could also have mundane and literal meanings which implies that you performing this spell would lead to him recognizing and noticing you.

  3. The Six of Wands is called “The Lord of Victory,” which is literal success. This does warn you about receiving a lot of attention and possibly making some enemies (who are associated with the person) from the success of the spell.

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  1. It reads as a yes to me, but you will get those results sometime in the future, maybe farther away than you wish it to be. I would advise patience and choosing a realistic time frame for the spell to manifest the results. Also maybe it is good to ask yourself are you putting in enough work/the right type of work for this to manifest?
  2. Yes
  3. You will get the intended result. I also feel like you will get a sense of personal accomplishment or personal success. The feeling of winning a prize.

Good luck!

Update. I wasn’t contacted by him. I did ask angel Saspu to carry out my request (notice and contact). He doesn’t force anyone to do anything and I asked him not to force. The spell might have moved forward to some extent, but it didn’t accomplish what I wanted it to. I asked Saspu to complete the request in a time span of two weeks. It’s been two weeks.

Should I wait so see if the results come late? Try again another way? Or should I forget the ordeal?

I would wait at least one more week to see if there is any further movement before calling it a failure. It’s possible that two weeks was an insufficient amount of time.

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Okay. Thank you.

Update: It’s been another week and nothing has happened.

So it’s possible that there was a success because the request was to invite him to do something (so no force) and he declined in some way, shape, or form, which is valid. Makes sense.

7 of pentacles is ‘planting the seed’ and you have to wait for it to grow. The others are positive cards.

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why don’t you contact him first? celebrities do not normally contact random people.

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